Nymfo Twisting Heads Once Again
Nymfo Twisting Heads Once Again

Bardo Camp (aka Nymfo) stops by the Dispatch Recordings studio to deliver a dirty four-track EP in the form of Marching Machines.

It’s a long overdue return as Nymfo continues to refine his signature synapse-frying sound. Tech-funk with a dose of heavy grooves and gut-churning bottom end comes together in expert fashion as the Dutchman links up with fellow beat scientists like DLR and Total Science on a pair of cuts to sweeten the pot.

With a wonderful sense of barely restrained aggression, DLR and Nymfo fire off the blistering “Affliction” to kick-start the show. With a haunting yet precise call and response between the elements, it’s a strategy that evolves on “Forward Motion,” Nymfo’s bubbling collab with Total Science.

Of the two solo bits from Nymfo, “Pitchfork” offers up a rugged, ever-evolving groove that’s sure to appeal to the late-night space travelers while the title track, “Marching Machines,” steals the show with its cybernetic groove and straight up addictive kick and step. As with all of Nymfo’s best work, this is one of those bits you just want to let roll out on the dancefloor to hear all the elements shifting and shaking in a way that reveals a kind of deeper narrative unfolding beneath the surface.

This one is out now so head over to the Dispatch shop to get your head twisted.