Obey’s ‘Shelling On Sight’ Selects
Obey’s ‘Shelling On Sight’ Selects Photo by Wozniak

Obey, aka the Yung Butcher, half of the beloved Team Butcher (in collaboration with fellow Monsters member Shiverz) has been around for a hot minute, repping Monsters Music from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. From his first releases on dubstep and grime label Oi! Recordings to his most recent works on the prestigious Rampage Recordings, Obey seems to be collecting on clout points at an alarming rate.

In a rare glimpse behind the scenes, Obey dishes on a few notable tracks from his “Shelling on Sight” playlist, includes seminal dubstep classics and plenty of riddim cuts.

Downlink “Threat” (Aweminus Remix)
“I’ve chosen this track because I’m a huge fan of Aweminus’ style; so raw yet so clean, and that is so clear in this track. I love the intro on the original as well as the remix because I really feel like a threat is coming. I also used to listen to loads of hardcore (and still do sometimes), so the hardcore kicks in the build-up are a super sick touch if you ask me. The main synth throughout the track is also just so unique, just like I expect from Aweminus.”

Mastadon “Get Ready”
“Mastadon couldn’t make a bad tune if he tried. This tune’s drop is just so immensely powerful! The distorted 808s alongside the machine-like sound go so well together, creating such a unique stomper. I love how just after the drop there is a sample saying “get ready,” after which all that violence follows. How does one “get ready” for that!?”

Opus “Rimstone”
“I’ve chosen to include this track because I think it’s important to show the masses (that don’t know about how broad dubstep actually is) that dubstep doesn’t have to be loud and violent all the time—and I think this track is an excellent example of that. The vibe here is so mysterious and immersive that I really tend to get lost in the layers of this track. The strings that come in at 0:54 really take this track to the next level, and the harmony that comes in is so strong that it really gives me goosebumps when listening to on a good pair of headphones or speakers.”

Obey ft. Shiverz “Shelling on Sight”
“I chose to add this track to my selection because it’s the first tune I’ve produced in quite a while, and I’m actually pretty satisfied with the result. Generally I tend to dislike my own productions once I am done with them, mainly because during the production process you are kind of forced to listen to it over and over and over, but that doesn’t seem to count for this tune. I had a great deal of fun working with Shiverz’ vocals; it was also my first time working with actual bars on a track. To have an official release for it on Rampage Recordings makes me all the more happy!”

Bukez Finezt “Disgusting Me”
“Ah, Bukez Finezt. One of my favorite producers, and if you ask me, one of the most versatile producers in the entire genre. This guy always comes with the most unique tracks and sounds, and always make them sound so incredibly organic that i just had to pay tribute and include one of his latest releases. I am in love with the drums in this track, and the way they contain so much shuffle. They really give this track that “swaggy” bounce, which I’m personally a big fan of. The synth that he uses in some of the fills (like at 1:39) initiates my bass face in exactly 0.1 seconds. So sick!”