Photo by Tim Bishop Studio

Oddprophet brings his untouchable flex to Never Say Die once again, this time in the form of an epic four-track EP just in time for the weekend.

Featuring collabs with the likes of Illaman and Vastive, the Oracle EP unleashes the beast from top to bottom. Bits like “Absolute Power” and “British Gas” rattle the bones while “Dead Love” is designed for straight up maximum punishment on the dancefloor. Rounding things out in an unexpected way is the kandi-tinged “Speed Demon” featuring DemonEyez and SpeedShift in collab mode.

Centered on exquisite Linda Tram vocals, this one is sure to have the OG ravers wilding out on the dancefloor as the high energy lift-off sets the stage for the tune proper before the bottom drops out and unsuspecting listeners are sucked into the dangerous vortex of swirling bass at the core. It’s an epic ride designed to crack heads at the same time it gets those hands up. The bridge that carries us through the middle of the tune is where all the magic is sure to happen as the pairing of light and dark merge into an unstoppable force that can only be unleashed by the second drop.

With Oddprophet launching into his very first U.S. tour supporting Trampa, the Oracle EP is more than enough to get you and the squad hyped and ready for the destruction he’s sure to bring. For now, dive into the epic “Speed Demon” premiere below and lock your own copy of the entire EP in here.