From the moment that first alarm-like tone hits, Oddprophet lets the listener know they’re in for an extra-special dome-cracking treat. Carefully crafting an intro that sweeps us into the terrifying soundscape known as “Vauxhall Tearout,” the otherworldly vibes waste no time bringing on the goosebumps before drop-kicking us into the heart of the beast proper.

With razor-like stabs chopping and swerving around a breathtaking series of switchbacks and vocal hooks designed to bring the pain, there’s no denying that Oddprophet is flexing at the top of his game.

When asked about the origins of the tune and the title itself, Oddprophet tells us:

“Vauxhall Tearout perfectly describes the influence that 2014 London Dubstep nights had on me and how it’s affected the music I make today. I travelled on coach from Swansea to London every month religiously to attend the UK’s only dubstep night in Vauxhall. That was five hours there and five hours back, without any sleep. I was a college student at the time and couldn’t afford a hotel to stay at. ‘Winging it’ is the correct British term for that. For me, this song perfectly describes the time from that era in my life and is a big-up to the London crowd I played last year for. Maybe one day I’ll be able to play London again, but I’d perhaps need to change the sample in case I play another part of the city.”

Even with the pandemic raging outside there’s no law against raging inside the spacious confines of your own home so strap on the airpods and prepare to shred as Oddprophet conjures up the absolute best of those beastly nights in the shadows of the underground,

If you’re feeling the vibe, you’re in luck as the tune drops September 25 as part of the seventh installment of Black Label’s annual compilation album series, XL. With Oddprophet taking the reigns and placed in charge of curating the compilation, the results speak for themselves as heavyhitters like Aweminus, Krimer, BadKlaat, Kill Feed, Graphyt, and so many more step up to bring the pain.

Lock your pre-save in here and consider yourself warned!