Ōdio Records has made it its mission to bring the sounds of the underground to life with each release. The up-and-coming-bass music label showcases a promising future with massive talent behind it, while continuing to push the envelope of the genre of bass music. Now, the imprint returns with the next contribution to their Issue series.

The 18-track compilation pulls out all the stops with 17 original tracks and a monster compilation as the cherry on top of an already fruitful release. Opening up the compilation, Ace Aura brings the melodic bass in full force to ease listeners into the beefy tracks to follow. Other artists who have previously released on the UK-based label—such as Guillotine, Ablaze, Redax, and Zetta—all make their mark on the project with their unique talents and offer up heavy basslines throughout. Meanwhile, newcomers on the cusp of greatness like Pane Mua, Nosphere, Jiqui, and more introduce listeners to a whole new generation of production sound. You’ve been warned!

Whether you’re looking for some wonky basslines, melodic rhythms, or simply something to knock your head to, Ōdio Records’ Issue 4 has something for everyone. The compilation is out now, so grab your copy here.