Photo by Alexander Linde

Spag Heddy absolutely crushed it on last year’s monumental Gypsi Thug EP, but nothing can quite prepare you for the full power that he brings on Oh My!, his aptly titled debut on Never Say Die.

It’s straight neck-snapping, whiplash-inducing beats and a kind of freestyle funk that goes straight for the jugular as each drop seems to build on the last making for a kind of hedonistic party-in-a-box. Right from the inexorable slide into the drop on the title cut you know you’re in for a heavy ride as the self-described “spaghetti monster” brings on the pressure non-stop with switch after unholy switch that’ll leave you breathless and begging for more.

“Bounce Syndrum” takes a turn down to the dirty side of things as alien synths battle it out to the death before the gansta-lean of “Pop Pop” dumps a full load of bass overload on that ass. Had enough? Tough shit, as “Loca” keeps sticking and moving with a filthy groove that seems to anticipate the curb-stomping appeal of “Black Symphony.”

All of the above are more than enough to have the place popping but if you’re really looking to get things lit then prepare to let it all out on the dancefloor when Spag Heddy and EHIDE join forces and make it rain unholy bass-bombs on the strychnine-laced grooves of “Cloudlet.”

To say it’s a massive release is an understatement. This is some of Spag Heddy’s best work to date and already has us chomping at the bit for his appearance at Beyond Wonderland SoCal, so snag your copy here as this one just dropped today.