The Disciple stalwart Oliverse returns with a massive melodic bass release so we thought it the ideal time to check in for a quick chat and exclusive guest mix.

Continuing to hit us in the feels with his latest release, the aptly titled two tracker “Skin / Emotion” swerves and swoons in all the right places as the melodic bass producer continues to impress.

Having been signed to the label in 2018, Oliverse continues to push a hybrid bass sound center on exquisite melodies and vocal-driven heaters. It’s a formula that continues to pay off as “Skin” taps the heavenly vocals of MØØNE and “Emotion” is elevated by the vocals of Aleya Mae.

Still, at the center of it all is Oliverse’s unique vision and unparalleled creative touch. And while his prowess in the studio is unmatched, those who’ve witnessed the man in the mix know that his ability to craft a proper journey on the decks is equally impressive.

To that end, we thought it was an ideal time to touch down with Oliverse not only for a quick chat about the past, present and future of the artist, but also to see if we could convince him to step into the studio and knock out a special exclusive mix for us, which he generously was able to do.

So hit play on the mix, check the Q&A below, and don’t forget to lock in your copy of Oliverse’s “Skin” and “Emotion” via Disciple here.

It’s been a minute since we caught up and what a wild ride these past few years have been. From your sold out tour in Japan and then the pandemic hitting! Fill us in on where and how you’ve been since that time and bring us up to the Summer of 2022 where it seems you’re back in the game in a major way.
Yo!! Thanks so much for having me again! I’ve been really good thanks, I’ve just played my final shows of the summer during my first Australian / NZ  tour which was an insane experience. I’ve just been so grateful that we finally managed tick off a few big festivals that we’d had planned for 2020 such as Tomorrowland and Rampage! Music wise, it’s been really nice being able to write tunes in the studio again and actually test them out on the road and then go back to refine my ideas, it’s been really refreshing.

Talk about your latest release with Disciple – “Skin/Emotion” – how these tunes came together, linking up with MØØNE and Aleya Mae, and what kind of vibes fans should expect on them.
So these two new tracks have been in the works for a little while. I’ve been playing an instrumental version of Skin for the majority of this year as I was struggling to find the right vocal it. Fast forward to just a couple of months ago, I got in touch with MØØNE who’s an incredible vocalist I wanted to work with for a while. We worked on something in 2021 but that never came to fruition so I really wanted to make something with her that we could release. I’m so happy with how this one has turned out, Skin is just an all around good vibe!

For Emotion, I think this is my most ‘Love Island’ sounding track yet haha! For this one I cranked the house pianos to the max. It originally started as a remix of Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley but after showing a few friends, they all said to make it into an original.  I worked with Aleya Mae who absolutely smashed this vocal. After she showed me the first demo, it was stuck in my head for weeks. I also worked with MØØNE again on this one who co-wrote the vocal alongside Aleya. You don’t really get many dubstep tunes with a halftime, 4 to the floor kick pattern any more so this tune is a nod to that era!

Speaking of vibes – set up this exclusive mix you’re dropping on us today. What kind of goodies can we expect in there? Any special treats/exclusives we should be looking out for?
It’s been a little while since I’ve done a mix online and it was a pleasure pulling this one together. I’ve pulled some of my favourite moments from shows this summer as well as throwing in a couple more exclusives!

And last but not least, give us a glimpse into the future – where you heading next project and performance wise?? Any final shouts? Hit us with them here.
I’m really looking forward to getting some more music out there. I’ve been really focused on the quality of my tunes as opposed to quantity over the last few years but I’ve got a handful that are almost ready to go! There’ll be lots more Dubstep coming up as well as a follow up to my Drum and Bass tune ‘Turbulence’ which I’m extremely excited about!