Photo by Chelone Wolf

While the youngblood Oliverse has made a name for pushing his own brand of experimental bass, nothing quite prepared us for the cinematic awe that his Outerworld EP delivers. While his early releases have garnered support from the likes of Skrillex, Excision, Getter, Borgore, and Diskord, expect that following to grow as his five-track EP for Disciple Records smashes all preconceived notions of what the artist is capable of.

Drawing from a wide range of genre inspirations, the aptly titled Outerworld EP feels designed to deliver an out-of-body experience sure to transport the listener to the outer reaches of the bass music universe. From the electro-and-dub tinged “My Vibe” to the hypnotic dreamscape conjured up on “Unspoken,” Oliverse places his desire to fuse electro house, future bass, and dubstep front and center. His unapologetic approach to the genre makes for a spiraling spiritual experience through synth-driven headcrackers like “Parachute,” “Say Nothing” and the melodic title track that closes the EP out on that sci-fi tip.

Check the vibes below and lock your copy of this future classic here.