On The Road to Bassrush Massive with Yakz
On The Road to Bassrush Massive with Yakz

Over the past year, the Los Angeles-based producer known as Yakz has been making his name hard to ignore. With a plethora of rig-rattling releases on Fresh Blood this year alone—and in the midst of a co-headlining tour with Somnium Sound—Yakz proves he’s an untamable force to keep your eyes locked on.

With tier 1 tickets almost sold out for Bassrush Massive on July 20 and 21, be sure to grab yours here and prepare to wild out with the squad as Yakz has curated an exclusive Spotify playlist for Team Bassrush to get you prepped for what’s to come.

Svdden Death & Yakz “Shut Em Down”
‘“Shut Em Down’ is our anthem and our biggest song out! It’s also the first song Svdden Death and I had a chance to work with each other.”

Illenium “Free Fall” (Kompany Remix)
“I like the blend of melodic and heavy! Kompany is an amazing producer who always makes me rethink the way I make music—he’s definitely one of my favorites in the game right now.”

Somnium Sound “Bloomkeeper”
“I love the false drop and the sound design; it’s my favorite track of his EP. Somnium Sound is also a really good friend of mine who always supports and helps me better my music.”

Ray Volpe “Wet Napkin” (Yakz & Somnium Sound Remix)
“This one is me and Somnium Sound’s first collab we finished and it’s a remix for a really good friend, Ray Volpe.”

Aweminus “The Festival Of Blood”
“The flow and the drums on this song are just incredible! Aweminus has the best drums in the game, in my opinion.”