In his new EP, Grime Beats Vol 1, ONHELL mixes things up by paying tribute to classic grime and riddim sounds of the early 2000s, reminiscent of artists such as Wiley, Skepta, and other pioneers. 

“This tape is a modern re-envisioning of old-school grime, taking the essence of what made it real and raw, and bringing it into 2020,” says ONHELL. “I just wanted to make the music I wanted to hear. I wanted heavy grime beats that could offer a fresh perspective within today’s climate in bass music.”

ONHELL infuses his disgustingly heavy sound with clean beats to create an atmosphere where a modern style and an old-school groove can coexist. Grime Beats Vol 1 covers a lot of ground that spans dark, soul-consuming vibes, to insulting, in-your-face beats. The thick, distorted, and wavy bass in these tracks will obliterate your speakers, headphones, and likely the dancefloor (whenever that’s a thing again). 

With his innovative sound design and respect for the past, ONHELL travels into unique territory while paying homage to the roots of bass music.

Grime Beats Vol 1 is available now via Deep, Dark & Dangerous.