Oski Rings the Alarm
Oski Rings the Alarm

Following up on last year’s Kid Chrome debut for UZ’s Quality Goods Records, Oski and his razor-sharp, genre-blurring stylings return to the scene of the crime with the aptly titled Kid Calamity EP. Pushing boundaries once again, Oski melts hip-hop, dubstep, trap, and drum & bass into liquid steel before casting and forging the results into an addictive beast of its own nature. With heavyweights as varied as DJ Snake, Bassnectar, and Dillon Francis on that Oski tip, you can get a sense of just how diverse his sound can be.

Check bits like “Go My Way” for a dip into the wonky side of the Oski universe before cuts like “Lose It” and “Bad” keep the dirty dancefloor vibes on point, paving the way for the analogue darkness of the cinematically inspired “Shadows.”

Ask Oski himself tells it, the EP was designed to be “naturally occurring, yet artificially constructed; familiar, yet unfamiliar. These are the themes that remain constant throughout my music. [The EP] is the culmination of a whole series of happy mistakes and perfect imperfections, wrapped up in a neat little bow.”

While the full EP has yet to be posted, hit the sample dose of that Oski flavor in the form of our favorite cut off the EP, “Lose It,” featuring Oski in collaboration with the Sydney-based Hydraulix and Macntaj for a wild and wooly journey into the heart of the beast.

If you’re feeling it lock yours in here—this one drops tomorrow worldwide.