Party Thieves & Avance “Froth”
Party Thieves & Avance “Froth”

Trapped out illness surfaces on Bassrush Records as the untouchable Party Thieves locks horns with Avance and knocks out a 112 bpm headbanger (what?). Don’t let the tempo fool you, this one packs some serious punch and rolls things out with that signature dancefloor sizzle that Party Thieves and Avance are both known to bring to the dancefloor.

Right from the start, the duo light the fuse and watch it spiral to the breaking point. It doesn’t take long for the energy to start ramping up and once this one hits the wall and busts through to the other side, expect the masses to start heaving at the rails. Taking that exquisite slide towards the dark side, the collaborative masterpiece from Party Thieves and Avance encapsulates the energy each artist is bringing to the table. From the intricate construction of the groove to the way the minimalist elements all merge in a kind of head-spinning call and response, this is the one that’s sure to live up to its name and have the dancefloor churning into a proper “Froth.”

It’s another big tune from Bassrush Records, but if you think we’re biased on that front go ahead and check the beats below, followed by an in-depth Q&A with the wizards behind the creation of this beast.

How did you guys originally link up and how did this tune come about?
Party Thieves: I lived in Australia for about a year up until a few weeks ago, so I’ve always been pretty engaged with the up and comers of Aussie. I heard the name Avance in conversation with some friends while talking music at my apartment one day and decided to check out his sound. Dan (Avance) definitely brings a fresh sound and taste to bass music and I saw that as soon as I asked him for demos.

Avance: We actually linked up over Snapchat. I had just made a new idea for a track and thought I’d send it his way in hopes for some feedback. He loved the preview and asked to work on the track.

Party Thieves: A few weeks later, we popped out “Froth.” It’s an unusual tempo at 112bpm but the drum work and progression of the track make it feel less slow and more of a bouncing tempo. It was a really fun tune to make.

These video highlights on your Facebook page of you (Party Thieves) throwing down in Australia have been insane and you’ve become something of a regular down under. Why do you think the Party Thieves sound is going off with the Aussies in particular?
Party Thieves: I think I got into that market at the right time. From my first tour in 2015 to now, my career has literally grown directly with the Australian market.

Speaking of those videos, how often are you jumping in the pit with the crowd? Have there been any times where you were fearing for your life or safety?
Party Thieves: It honestly depends on how I am feeling. I love getting in the crowd with my fans. I think that’s what this is all about. You need to put on a show and that is what I feel like I am doing. I’ve never feared for my life or safety but there for sure have been times where the fans are really out there to mosh. Some fans just go after one another. The energy from one of my shows triggers my fans in going ape! The mosh pit at Moonrise Festival was wild. It was already so muddy from the weather but to top it off I lost my shoe in the pit and walked around with one shoe on the entire day.

We hear you’re originally from England, Avance. How did you end up in Australia and what’s the scene like down that way from your perspective?
Avance: I actually moved from England six years ago to a small town in rural West Australia called Geraldton. I spent my time there locked away in my room practicing music production and later moved to Perth where I had the opportunity to share my music with one of the most exciting markets down under. The vibe here is very diverse, but one things for sure, they love their bass music.

Now that things are popping, when you headed out Los Angeles way?
Avance: I have a stack of music up my sleeve including collaborations with some of my favorite names in the world. I’ve been working hard on an EP due for release early next year and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Expect to see me in a city near you sooner rather than later!