Party Thieves Bassrush NYE Takeover
Party Thieves Bassrush NYE Takeover

Since bursting on the scene via Insomniac’s Discovery project, Jared McFarlin (aka Party Thieves) has kept steady at it, accumulating releases and leveling clubs around the world. Notorious for his contributions to trap and club music, he’s one of our first Bassrush Records recruits, going on to rip it on labels like Dim Mak and Buygore Records. Always one to keep folks on their toes, Jared has something special up his sleeve. After unplugging off social media since the holidays, there’s no telling what’s going down behind closed doors. One thing is for sure, we’ll be here to find out but in the meantime Bassrush and Party Thieves celebrate another year of headbanging bass with his top tracks of 2018 below.

Avance & Party Thieves “Froth
“This one uses the same elements of my staple trap sound to create a club-ready track that will surely cause mayhem on the rail.”

Quix “Lambo”
“Quix tastefully incorporates ethereal ambient nature sounds with hard hitting bass to create a sonic blessing.”

Hekler & Gladez “404”
“Heklers heavyweight trap banger proves that although he is new to the game, he provides a fresh take on bass music.”

Rezz & 1788-L “Hex”
“Rezz and 1788-L have some of the most unique sounds in bass music. Both producers create a unique sound that some describe as techno meets dubstep, as well as industrial trap. Their high frequency bass and beats are explosive and addictive.”

RL Grime “Pressure”
“RL Grime has had a massive influence on dance music culture as he pioneered the monster trap sound. This track’s cinematic sound ascending synths shows that RL Grime has stuck to his roots and will continue to release limitless tracks.”

Herobust “WTF”
“Herobust’s single takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride as if they are moved from one room to the next.”

G Jones “Understanding The Possibility”
“G Jones highly anticipated latest album The Ineffable Truth, shows that he is a seasoned producer with endless creativity. Understanding ‘The Possibility’ transforms listeners into a world of unforeseen drops that create audible chaos.”

Hex Cougar & Zach Gray “X/Love”
“Hex Cougar went from a Brownies & Lemonade intern to a massively popular DJ, which shows his dedication and love of bass music. Hex teamed up with Zach Gray to give fans a beautiful song filled with saturated bass lines.”

Whipped Cream “Suffocate”
“Whipped Cream is a boundless artist from Canada that creates dark, heavy hitting bass music. She is dedicated to her perfecting her craft, spreading positivity to her fans and creating haunting yet eclectic music.”