PEEKABOO Ushers in An Alien Invasion
PEEKABOO Ushers in An Alien Invasion

While your friends might not be able to name-check PEEKABOO yet, we’re here to give you a glimpse of what the future in the space-laced freeform bass scene holds. With only a year in the game, the fresh sound of PEEKABOO has already caught the attention and support of heads like Dubloadz, Caspa, Bassnectar, RL Grime, and REZZ. Not surprisingly, PEEKABOO’s face-melting basslines and psychedelic sonics have also caught the attention of Liquid Stranger who taps the youngblood for an epic debut on his Wakaan imprint.

Just a quick read through the tracklist and you can get a sense of the kind of otherworldly vibrations you’re bound to conjure up in your chakras as bits like “Aliens,” “Arrival,” “Invasion,” and the title cut “Imposters” craft a body-snatching scenario sure to have you and the squad wilding out in the forest and howling at the moon.

To get a sense of the kind of interstellar soundscapes PEEKABOO is conversing with, we thought we’d hit him up for an “Alien Invasion” playlist to get us in the mood before the full ‘Imposters’ EP drops this Friday (lock in your pre-save here). Check his selection and commentary on each track below.

Abelation “Wonking Out”
“Abelation has always impressed me. This is his most recent track and it has the sickest rhythm and feel to it. Def keep an eye on him.”

G-REX “Wook Blaster”
“G-REX is a great homie of mine. We’re both from Detroit. This song is my favorite track to play in my sets at the moment. It really captures simplicity at its finest, and hits the crowd hard EVERY time.”

tsimba “Hugo”
“Been dropping this track a lot in my sets recently as well. It’s a super high-energy track with the filthiest sound design I’ve heard in a while. Really gets the crowd moving.”

Lucy x William. “Alien Frequencies”
“I recently discovered Lucy’s music and fell in love immediately. Her work has a uniqueness that stands out easily. This track she made with William. is super spacey and wonks the fuck out.”

Dub Killer “India” (The Widdler Remix)
“Love me some deep dub, but this one takes the cake. I’ve always loved music with Indian elements, and this meshes together so well. Love playing this in my sets as it sets the perfect atmosphere.”

Shlump “Alien Technology”
“This song straight up makes me feel like a bunch of aliens are just dancing and celebrating their victory of total domination. Shlump always killing it.”

Kliine “Side Effects”
“Kliine really impressed me with this one. I love how slow it is, and really gives me a bounce/swing feel. Has so much personality in it.”

RETINA “Manic”
“God damn, I love this song so much. Playing it in sets surprises the fuck out of people. Sounds like a UFO is shooting its ray gun at earthlings.”

Eazybaked “Bandzzz”
“Eazybaked are the homies. Super talented dudes, who make the most creative stuff I’ve heard. This song has such a sick swing to it with the catchiest rhythm known to man. Absolutely NAILED it.”

Sensi “Underground”
“This was an AWESOME find. Was digging deep on SoundCloud late at night for this one. SUCH a bouncy feel. Always gets the people moving with a simple rhythm that stays in your head for hours.”