Phace and Prolix Prepare for a Massive Head-to-Head
Phace and Prolix Prepare for a Massive Head-to-Head

The epic B2B session between Phace and Prolix is sure to be one of the highlights of the upcoming Bassrush Massive in SoCal. Both producers are known for their shakedown shows full of high-energy neurofunk and hard drum & bass of course, but their teaming up is even more hotly anticipated since they smashed it together with Rockwell at EDC Las Vegas last year.

Now with both producers working on major releases, Phace and Prolix are looking forward to debuting some new, cutting edge music next weekend in San Bernardino. It seemed only fitting for us to sit down and ask what they have planned for their massive Massive set as well as to get some info about Phace’s upcoming album Between and Prolix’s new single “The Message” with Black Sun Empire out this week. If that wasn’t exciting enough, read on for a surprise release announcement from Prolix at the end of this article. With all this new music, it’s definitely going to be Massive next weekend for Bassrush.

Is this the first time the two of you have played B2B? How did you decide to start playing together?

Phace: It’s actually the second time; we did play another B2B last year at EDC Vegas. That actually was a B2B2B with Rockwell and was really entertaining. When Bassrush approached us to play their massive event they asked if we’d like the idea of doing another B2B and we both liked it!

Prolix: Yep, this is the second time I have done a B2B with Phace; as he said it was a B2B2B with Rockwell at EDC Las Vegas. As you can imagine we had a great time, and I’m really happy to be doing it again at Bassrush Massive.

Do you guys plan your sets together or is it more you each plan what you’re going to play and mix each other in and out?

Phace: There is no big planning involved here and we just go in and decide on the fly, so to speak.

Prolix: No, there is pretty much never any plan to any of these back-to-back sets! It’s usually that you will play a couple of tunes and then hand over the headphones to the next guy. It does mean that sometimes there are a few surprises about what is coming next that you will have to mix out of, but I guess that is part of the fun.

You’ve each played at a few Insomniac massives as well as Bassrush events. What’s your favorite part of American festivals? How are they different from festivals in the EU?

Phace: I played a couple of Insomniac festivals, but for me it is actually the very first Bassrush Massive event, so I am looking well forward to it. The US festivals in general I think are a bit more centered around EDM and bass-driven music. I really enjoy playing out there every time. It’s a great amount of energy the people transfer. For European festivals you can usually play a bit more scientific and deep, whereas I’d play little more up front in the States.

Prolix: I’ve played EDC Las Vegas twice and Bassrush, Beyond and Escape a few times, too. I’m very grateful to the guys for bringing me out again for this! It’s always exciting to play such a huge show with these mega production levels. All the stages, decorations and the sound systems are second to none. Weeks of work go into making an awesome experience for the ravers and artists alike. Plus, it’s great for me to catch up with other DJs and friends in California that I don’t get to see as often as I’d like to!

You’ve both got some exciting projects in the works: Phace’s full-length albumBetweenis out in September, and Prolix just did “The Message” with Black Sun Empire, which is part of an album that will be released later on Blackout. Can you each discuss a bit about the releases and how the singles will pan out?

Phace: For Between, four singles will be leading up to the full album release on September 5. The release schedule for the singles is:

June 27 – 1st single “FMS” (digital only, already out)

July 11 – 2nd single “Das Techno” (digital only, releasing today)

August 3 – 3rd single “Downgrade” (digital only)

August 15 – 4th single “Isolated” (digital only)

Prolix: I’m working on an album for Blackout and this is the second single after “Slob” on the lead up to the release. That is scheduled for autumn 2018. There are a few tracks to finish still, so I’d better get a move on!

Phace, we imagine thisalbum is pretty different from what a lot of fans have come to expect from you. What were some of your own rules you were trying to break, both technically and concept-wise?

I wouldn’t say it is that different per sé but a natural progression. Nowadays to me, less is more, and I like my music to transfer even more emotions and be more diverse. I’d rather focus on a cool idea to get it all right and have it be entertaining. I tried not to repeat myself on the album. My general approach for this album was to write music outside my comfort zone, in the unknown, just on a laptop or with additional gear I didn’t own or know yet, while being on the road touring or in between places. I did in fact write most of the musical ideas of this LP while I was touring across the globe and mainly while staying with a very good friend in New York in between shows.

Prolix, what was the goal for “The Message” in terms of sound? How was working with BSE different from your usual technical process?

“The Message” was an idea I started that we (myself and BSE) finished together. We have a similar sound and vibe and doing collabs with them feels very natural as we are all pretty much on the same wavelength. I think the goal was to blend our styles into a big loud menacing dancefloor track, and I think it worked out very well.

Any other stops in the US for either of you, or is this trip just for Bassrush?

Phace: On this run I also do two smaller club shows the following weekend. One show in Fort Lauderdale and another in Puerto Rico.

Prolix: I will also be visiting San Francisco and Spokane while in the US but once I’m back in Europe I’m also playing at [the festival] Let it Roll which I’m really looking forward to.

Any other releases or collabs coming out for either of you soon?

Phace: The focus is all on my LP at the moment, but there will be a new collaboration with Noisia coming out on their Vision Recordings pretty much after my album drops.

Prolix: Well, the big announcement that I can just disclose today is we have a remix of my track with Noisia, “Asteroids,” out today! Everything else I’m working on right now is for the album on Blackout, but on my label Trendkill Records I also have some releases lined up by Solar and an awesome remix by Fourward. More details on that very soon!