When the last premiere for the single “Isloated” off of his upcoming album Between dropped on August 15, Phace tweeted that it would be the last one before the album drops on September 5. Luckily, the Neosignal gods have smiled down on Bassrush and thus the D&B world, bestowing upon us a surprise new single to premiere. Behold, “Obscure.”

The album is all over the board style-wise in the best possible way, with Phace employing lots of techniques to get as diverse a sound palette as possible on the album. “Isolated” was one of the more experimental-sounding tracks, which makes “Obscure” sound almost directly contrary to its single drop forebear. “Obscure” is classic, straight up and down drum & bass in terms of the bassline and beat, which makes it highly danceable and will definitely satisfy the D&B purists. That’s not to say, however, that “Obscure” is without its twists and turns. On the contrary, “Obscure” incorporates a number of elements which will surprise both regular Phace fans and Neosignal newcomers.

The intro is both cinematic and emotive, with a sort of distorted synth melody that stops suddenly after the first drop but returns later. Said first drop sees the melody replaced by some metallic, grinding mid synths which also die off quickly to be replaced by a heavily syncopated drum track, floating over the base beat. The intro melody returns at this time as well, and all three of these parts alternate throughout the track until the very short and jarring outro, which is not at all cinematic and emotional like its counterpart at the beginning of the song. The track is heavy, heady, fun and funky, all while also connoting strong feelings and sort of sounding like a sentient machine eating itself from the inside out.  There’s really not much more one can ask for in a hard D&B track.

If fans were looking to get a better sense of just what’s in store when Betweendrops, they won’t get many answers from “Obscure.” While just as technically tight and compositionally astounding as the tracks that have gone before it, “Obscure” is also worlds different from “FMS”, “Das Techno” and “Isolation,” so there are truly no clues here. We’ll all just have to wait for the full album to drop and even then the album will likely raise more questions than it answers, and we believe that’s exactly the way Phace wants it.

Between drops on Neosignal on September 5. Digital pre-order is available here. Neosignal is also doing a deluxe bundle, which includes a limited edition vinyl at their shop.