Phace and Affe Maria team up to bring a double dose of pleasure with the eponymous “Plaisir Plaisir” on Linked.

Smooth atmospherics drip from a tech-drenched soundscape that ride the fine line between a kaleidoscope of bubble-gum colors and the melancholic sensation of an apocalyptic sunset. The meditative aspect of the percussive elements make for a refreshing dive into the deeper side of an instantly addictive groove as the call and response between layers provides just the right touch of electro-stimulation to the pleasure centers of the brain.

The addictive quality is a subtle one, so much so that when the tune pulls up for a deep breath at the mid-point breakdown, you can’t help but ache for Phace and Affe to bring back the intricate evolution of the tune proper.

Don’t just take our word for it, dive into the exclusive Bassrush premiere below before locking in your own copy of this synapse-cleansing composition¬†here.