Prepare to be swept away by the dreamy vibes that Phil Tangent is kicking on his stunning four-track Temporary Solace EP for the ever-essential Integral Records.

While all four cuts on the EP showcase Phil Tangent’s ability to ride the fine line between dreamscape and dancefloor, the title cut that we’re premiering below features the producer at his very best.

Unfolding like a haunted meditation on lost love, the “Temporary Solace” of the tune seems to point to the magical way that a music can conjure up so many conflicting emotions within the listener. From the warm bottom end to the insistent and yet hypnotic percussive groove all the way through to the ethereal melodic elements that breathe life into the tune proper, the tune is hitting us in the feels from top to bottom.

It’s a welcome return to center stage for one of our favorite producers exploring the liquid side of the drum and bass dancefloor, and we couldn’t be happier to share the vibes with you below. So turn down the lights, get lost in the beats, dance like no one is watching and download/stream the full Temporary Solace EP here.