Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint locks in a heavyweight six-tracker from the hard-hitting PIERCE and it’s a wub-a-licious ride from top to bottom.

While most Wakaan heads will be familiar with PIERCE’s debut on the imprint in the form of the heart-melting “It Could Be You” featuring the vocals of Kini Solana earlier this year, the aptly titled Year of the Wobble EP builds off the backbone of that cut and spirals us straight into outer space.

With the rib-rattling “Wobble” preparing the palette for the untouchable vibe that PIERCE is flexing on the EP, it isn’t until we hit the head-banger known as “Clique” that we get a sense of the full force that the Arizona-native is capable of. Teaming up with long-time collaborator Volt on “WUBBUFFET,” things start to get really hectic as the eye-rolling hook at the core tees things up for the anthemic aforementioned “It Could Be You.”

As if that wasn’t enough to keep you chomping at the bit, “Wubba Band” delivers a proper kick to the jaws before PIERCE locks horns with void(0) and dips into hardstyle territory on the VIP of “Wobble” that’s sure to have the heads bouncing off the walls all summer long.

This one’s out now so lock yours in here and be prepared to ride this one until the wheels wobble off. Speaking of which, if you’re really feeling the Wakaan-vibes that PIERCE is kicking, be sure to lock in your tickets to our April 23 and 24th Park N Rave concert series here as label boss Liquid Stranger is sure to toss some wobbly PIERCE-fueled mind-benders in the mix when he wrecks shop.