Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint continues to unearth the gnarliest wobbles on the planet and the latest single from PIERCE is sure to scratch that itch just in time for witching season.

Picking up where his Year of the Wobble EP left off, PIERCE proves that he’s still got some gas in the tank for 2021 as he goes all in on a hypnotic trap-and-wobble “Flex” that’s can’t be fucked with. Centered on the untouchable lyrical flow of rapper BlakkSmyth, the gangsta lean of the intro gives way to a wall-rattling freeform wobblesphere that twists and worms its way into your ribs before pulling the ripcord on its way out.

It’s a massive look for PIERCE and caps off an already epic year where he’s been welcomed into the Wakaan family and proven that he’s here to stay. Be sure to test this one on a proper sub-driven rig for the full body experience the tune is designed to induce as this one drops tomorrow, October 8, so pre-save/pre-order this beast by clicking¬†here.