Pinch & Peverelist Present ‘In Deep’ DJ Mix and Compilation
Pinch & Peverelist Present ‘In Deep’ DJ Mix and Compilation

The UK has long played a pivotal role in the advancement of worldwide dance music culture, with the city of Bristol standing as a central pillar. During the early 2000s, the dubstep sound emerged from South London, carving a new and distinct sonic path that would reverberate globally for years to come. Around this time, Bristol quickly rose as dubstep’s second home, where two key figures from this new movement emerged to help shape much of its early direction: Pinchand Peverelist. In the years that followed, the pair maintained an appetite for unearthing new rhythmical forms, as they released on Pinch’s Tectonic Recordings and Peverelist’s Livity Sound imprint as well as Swamp 81, Hessle Audio, Punch Drunk and Cold Recordings.

September 7 sees a collaborative release from these two underground titans entitled In Deep, a DJ mix and digital compilation that dives deep into choice cuts from Pinch and Peverelist’s respective imprints, aiming to showcase their own productions alongside many highlights from their labels’ rosters. Their In Deepmix is available to stream on all major platforms including Beatport as well as a bundle purchase through Bandcamp, which includes the mix and all the individual tracks featured. This mix and accompanying compilation is released in conjunction with Pinch and Peverelist’s 2018 autumn US tour, whichsees the two artists coming together for a series of very special back-to-back DJ sets, representing Bristol and UK soundsystem culture to the fullest. Expect a sonic journey that encompasses a multitude of influences ranging through various shades of techno to dubstep, jungle and grime: rhythms to move your mind and your feet.


  1. Pinch “No Justice” [Tectonic]
  2. Peverelist “Under Clearing Skies” [Livity Sound]
  3. Walton “Point Blank” [Tectonic]
  4. Kowton “Shots Fired” [Livity Sound]
  5. PHON.O “V3R5U5” [Cold Recordings]
  6. Forest Drive West “Scanners” [Livity Sound]
  7. Pinch & Mumdance “Strobe Light” [Tectonic]
  8. Simo Cell “Stop The Killing” [Livity Sound]
  9. Walton ft. Wen “Vectors” [Tectonic]
  10. Kowton “Pea Soup” [Livity Sound]
  11. Mumdance & Logos “Chaos Engine” [Tectonic]
  12. Asusu “Sendak” [Livity Sound]
  13. Mumdance & Logos “Hall Of Mirrors (Perc & Truss remix)”
  14. Peverelist & Hodge “21 Versions” [Livity Sound]
  15. Nurve ft. Caski “Brain Sugar” [Tectonic]
  16. Via Maris “Swarm” [Livity Sound]
  17. Hugo Massien “Advanced Aerial Threat” [Tectonic]
  18. Forest Drive West “Escape” [Livity Sound]
  19. Pinch & Mumdance “Big Slug (Instrumental)” [Tectonic]
  20. Randomer & Hodge “Simple As” [Livity Sound]