Keep an eye on Pink Slime as the Stateside artist makes a move with a four-track EP dropping on Italian dance label MilleVille Music.

Released as part of their new ‘Accelerant’ sub-label dedicated to drum and bass, the debut from Pink Slime on the imprint showcases the artists style and hints at an even bigger future. Originally hailing from San Diego and deep in both the dubstep and dnb scenes, the Remnants EP is a body of work Pink Slime feels is not only his best-to-date but also deeply personal.

As he tells us: “Each song [on the EP] represents an extremely vulnerable moment in my life. Each of them left lasting impressions in my mind that reverberate on.
‘Echo’, the lead single, displays the feelings of losing a loved one and not letting the memories of them fade away over time. ‘FML’ Represents the powerlessness of being a victim and not being able to do anything to stop it or prevent it from happening again. That absolute feeling of helplessness that has you saying FML!

‘Just Breathe’ Touches on an experience drowning in the southern California ocean moments before being rescued by lifeguards. The sheer panic of death, followed by a sense of calm and reassurance that everything was at peace in death. Waking up to a circle of blurred faces I first assumed were ancestors waiting to greet me on the other side. I soon realized they were all strangers concerned for my well-being as I was just brought back to life before their eyes.

‘Keep On Dreaming’ is about overcoming all the negative feelings associated with chasing your dreams. All the haters, self doubt, and insecurities we feel can weigh on us. It’s important to keep those feelings in check and remember to keep pushing forward, and never give up until you achieve success.”

Whether you connect to the message or at the visceral level with just the beats and basslines, the project is worth checking as Pink Slime promises the best is still to come.

Pink Slime’s Remnants EP is out now so lock yours in here.