PK Sound Prepares to Drop Trinity on Bassrush Massive
PK Sound Prepares to Drop Trinity on Bassrush Massive

The days of counting down are almost over as Bassrush Massive: Safe in Sound 2015 is nearly upon us! Featuring the likes of Bro Safari, Datsik, Zomboy, Lookas, NGHTMRE, and Terravita, the NOS Events Center is about to get turned out on Saturday (September 26) with none other than PK Sound once again serving up a healthy dose of earth-shattering bass as only they can do.

If you were one of the lucky ones to witness the debut of PK Sound’s latest and most highly developed sound system this past summer at EDCLV, you know exactly what kind of power the aptly titled Trinity rig can deliver.

With sound serving as the foundation of the Bassrush Experience, we are definitely not holding back this weekend as PK Sound are set to launch the crowd out of this world tomorrow. As the crew continues to go through the rigorous process of setting up and fine-tuning the system, we thought we’d check in with Casey Hughes and Arlen Cormack from the PK Sound family for more details about the specific rig they are planning to unleash on the Bassrush Massive dancefloor.


What are the basic specs on this weekend’s rig and what makes it unique?
For this weekend we have 10 Trinity cabinets per side, over 32 subs, plus a front fill and stage package. Just like at EDC, the Trinity design is what makes this system unique.

With 3D Wavefront Control, the Trinity system features technology that allows us to focus the sound field in three dimensions, remotely and in real time. There are no other comparable systems on the market today. Sound engineers are equipped with the ability to control both the vertical and horizontal dispersion or array remotely, using a laptop. Electronically actuated systems inside each module allow continuous horizontal adjustment between 60-120 degrees with 10° resolution and continuous vertical adjustment from 0-6° with 0.1° resolution.

In other words, 3D Wavefront Control focuses the sound on the dancefloor, where it matters the most.

The 3D-focused sound of Trinity ensures that every seat in the house is the best seat.

Does the venue present any different challenges or approaches as opposed to the open-air Basspod we had at EDC?
Yes, the cylindrical shaped, metal roof/walls [of the NOS Center] can cause comb filtering, particularly in the shorter wavelength, high frequencies. The ability to direct the horns away from the walls will provide less acoustic interference and a cleaner overall sound, as compared to a traditional sound system.

For all the newbies out there who have never experienced the Trinity rig live, what can they expect?
The 3D-focused sound of Trinity ensures that every seat in the house is the best seat. Our systems connect the artist with the audience through fully transparent sound, presenting the dynamic range of electronic music with true intelligibility. Fans will hear every high and mid-frequency element with full bodied precision, while through the power and smoothness of the low frequencies, fans will feel the music with every beat.

Sounds wicked! Any final thoughts?
For those unable to make it to Los Angeles for this weekend’s Bassrush Massive show, the Trinity rig is still on tour so check the calendar for an upcoming show at a city near you.