Planets Align With
Planets Align With 'Memoirs' On Liquicity Records

Planet Liquicity have been at the center of liquid D&B’s universe for seven years. After its humble beginnings as a go-to YouTube channel promoting the smoother side of D&B, the brand expanded quickly, selling out festivals as event producers and inventing a popular record label. Capturing a near decade of blissful beats, Liquicity have complied a nostalgic artists compilation tilted Memoirs showcasing essential producers like Netsky, Camo & Krooked, and Maduk. Check out the 30 momentous tracks below, out now on MP3 and CD formats.

01. Memro “Trick of the Tail”
02. Mediks ft. Astronaut “Blown Away”
04. Netsky “I Refuse”
05. Fred V “Paradise”
06. Feint “Laurence”
07. Indivision & Echo Inada “Around the World”
08. John B “Numbers” (Camo & Krooked Remix)
09. Rameses B “Visionary”
10. Maduk “Take You There”
11. Matrix & Futurebound ft. Cat Knight “Move On”
12. Fred V “In My Head”
13. Maduk “Never Again”
14. Hybrid Minds “I’m Through”
15. Stan SB “Anyone Out There”
16. Feint “Promises”
17. Druid “The Power”
18. Jakwob “Blinding” (Hybrid Minds Remix)
19. Rameses B ft. Veela “Drift Away”
20. Rameses B ft. Holly Drummond “Dreaming”
21. Woody “Bandit”
22. NCT ft. Andreas Ort & Charline “Frozen in Time”
23. Maduk & Veela “Ghost Assassin” VIP
24. Qbig “Sleepless”
25. Dimension “Delight”
26. TwoThirds & Feint ft. Veela “Epiphany”
27. Feint ft. Veela “Horizons”
28. Feint ft. Veela “The Journey”
29. Camo & Krooked “Nothing is Older Than Yesterday”
30. Rameses B “Memoirs” VIP