[Playlist] Bensley’s Essential Cuts
[Playlist] Bensley’s Essential Cuts

Over the course of its 20-year history, the legendary Ram Records has continued to push not only the boundaries of drum & bass, but the limits of the unique sound it has created. There’s no better manifestation of that example than the story of how an unknown 19-year-old producer named Bensley caught the attention of the label’s A&R team and found himself in the midst of a dizzying rise from anonymity to center stage.

What’s even more surprising to most is the fact that his sound isn’t the usual dancefloor bangers we’ve come to associate with the genre and in particular the Ram Records imprint. The eclectic mix of melodic left-field atmospheres with indie rock/alternative vibes centered on a drum & bass tempo and template makes for an exciting, heady, and absolutely unique sound that is completely Bensley’s own.

Check his latest single “One Last Chance,” for a glimpse into the magical fusion that Bensley is able to achieve as he continues to grow as an artist. “This was a song that’s been very close to my heart for a while,” he explains, “as I originally planned for it to be on the album. However, as it had been created with vocals in mind, I had to hold off until I found the right vocalist for the job. I was referred to Erin aka Skyelle, who’s immensely talented at both singing and production, so the part she delivered for the tune knocked it out of the park. Around the time this came about, I was just starting to arrange some proper means of recording in my home studio, so I decided to pick up the saxophone and lay down a bit of extra soul to seal the deal. I couldn’t be happier with the final product, and as a whole, ‘One Last Chance’ might be my favorite track I’ve released so far.”

It’s a sentiment we definitely echo as we continue to anticipate the ongoing evolution of the Ram prodigy and his unique sound. In the meantime, be sure to pick up your own copy of “One Last Chance” here and dim the lights and prepare to go on an inspiring journey through the headspace of Bensley as he hits us with some “essential cuts” designed to get your own creative juices flowing below.

Orbital “Halcyon” (FFRR, 1992)
“Though I wasn’t a part of the electronic music scene in the ‘90s (being a toddler and all), this song represents everything I wish I could have fully experienced at the time.”

Phaeleh ft. Soundmouse “Here Comes the Sun” (Afterglo, 2013)
“Gorgeous tune! I could draw any track from Phaeleh’s discography and say it’s perfect to wake up to, but given the subject matter, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ felt the most fitting.”

Tame Impala “Eventually” (Fiction, 2015)
“Dreamy enough to put me into a trance but energetic enough to keep me from falling asleep. Tame Impala makes for ideal chilling music.”

Noisia “Tentacles” (Vision, 2016)
“An absolute stomper by Noisia. It might be a little weird and tricky to mix with, but the drop immediately makes the dancefloor explode.”

Mura Masa “What If I Go?” (Anchor Point, 2016)
“I absolutely adore Mura Masa’s work. Love songs are usually too cheesy for my taste, but this one resonated with me immediately!”

Stephen “Crossfire” (Halfway House, 2016)
“This song is the perfect balance of beauty and weight. Everything from the sound design to the lyrics is mint. I think Stephen’s made the best song of the year with this one.”

Yung Lean “Hoover” (2016)
“Everything about Lean’s music suggests that I shouldn’t like it… and yet the more I listen, the more addicted I get. ‘Hoover’ is the tune!”

Corporate “Gotcha” (Play Me, 2016)
“This guy makes some of the coolest tunes I’ve ever heard in terms of ideas and production. Corporate is extremely underrated, and I hope to see his career blow up soon!”

DMX “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” (Def Jam, 2002)
“This one is just obvious… how can you not get pumped up to this?”

Moby “Porcelain” (Mute, 1999)
“Classic Moby takes me right back. This song in particular just oozes nostalgia, regardless of when your childhood was.”