[Playlist] Bukez Finezt: A Bass Odyssey
[Playlist] Bukez Finezt: A Bass Odyssey

Dubstep OG Bukez Finezt is known for his wonky and clever contributions to bass music. From creating certified bangers for Disciple and Firepower Records to his deeper bits for Deep Medi Musik, Bukez maintains his position as respected tastemaker in the dubstep world.

With a diverse thirst for all things that go wobble in the night, we thought we’d tap the Cologne-based heavyweight for a rare glimpse into his personal playlist. The result is a 16-track hodgepodge rudeboy sound that ranges from muddy trap to neck-breaking dubstep and everything in between. Check the ‘Bass Odyssey’ playlist below, followed by Bukez’s commentary on his top three cuts that all embody that ‘finezt’ touch.

Bukez Finezt “BENZ”
“This tune is definitely my most favorite trap tune I’ve produced so far. It has a laidback vibe and a harpsichord, which influenced me a lot as a kid. When I started producing I always used to steal my dad’s classic CDs and sample from those. When I heard a harpsichord for the first time, I was hooked. I don’t even remember where I sampled the vocals from but it was in-your-face and why I like ‘em!”

noax “Deep Grave”
“When I found this tune on SoundCloud, I was blown away. It’s so simple but still so intense because of the melody. Love it!”

Bukez Finezt “Phat Bitch VIP”
“‘Phat Bitch’ was originally made at 150bpm. Again, I sampled some in-your-face, sexist, mad kind of vocal. I don’t know why I love those so much. At first, I only wanted to have a 140bpm version, but I totally switched the melody and made it pretty much a brand new tune, which got released on Firepower in July 2015. It’s my most supported trap tune yet. Big ups to all the supporters!”