[Playlist] Bukez Finezt: Brain-Rattling Essentials
[Playlist] Bukez Finezt: Brain-Rattling Essentials

Whether it’s his Tired of Your Dumb Shit EP on Disciple that has your speakers smoking or his recently released remix of Slum Village’s “EZ Up” (grab for free here!) that’s got your neck sore from all that head-nodding, there’s no doubt that Germany’s “topwobble” king Bukez Finezt continues to smash and grab his way to the end of the year with inimitable style. No matter if he’s mashing up the hip-hop vibes or crushing it with heavyweight dubstep bottom, we thought we’d check in with Deutschland’s finest (or is it finezt?) for a glimpse into his top “brain-rattling” essentials for the month of November. Check the playlist and his commentary on each tune below.

Mala “Lean Forward”
“This tune is in every set I play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rage or a deep set; one hundred percent love for this piece of music.”

Sir Spyro ft. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann, and Killa P “Topper Top”
“SOUNDBOY SHUT UP! Nuff said. Deep Medi. Madness. Love it.”

Cookie Monsta “Beast Mode”
“When he sent this one through I was blown away. His remix of Modestep and Funtcase’s ‘Damien’ was sweet but this… next level. Ever since I started playing it people are losing their shit. Grab it!” 

Spass “Hi Tech”
“This is a good friend who has been delivering the scene with another aka, but this stuff he is throwing out with Spass is lovely. Kinda brings me back to the days when we only wanted a drum loop and a silly bassline.”

Kromestar “Mutantz”
“Kromestar has inspired me from day one. This is one track that has the hard energy most people are scared of. It fucks with your brain, which I love. Totally retarded. Kromey, I salute you.”

Aweminus “G Bus”
“Every time I drop this tune I feel like Chuck Norris; strong and badass, as if I could do every single pushup. Definitely one of my favorite drops ever!”

Flux Pavilion “Bass Cannon” (Coffi Bootleg)
“If you want to surprise and amaze a crowd, use this one. The false drop into a 100% breakdown always goes off. Love it.”

Lifecycle “Fronsfunk”
“My Dutch homie Lifecycle coming with an absolute banger on this one. When I dropped this at Rampage this year the whole stadium was jumping. I might have to jump on a remix.”

Bukez Finezt & Deskem “Heads Off”
“This one is still one of my personal favs to play. Shouts to the man Deskem, German homeboy I used to work with a lot. Still need to work out a VIP for this one.”

Lorn “Acid Rain”
“This tune is always on my MP3 player when I am travelling as it clears my mind before and after a show. Lorn creates magical music and his mixdowns are a thing I want to achieve one day!”