[Playlist] Camo & Krooked: ‘Mosaik’ Influences
[Playlist] Camo & Krooked: ‘Mosaik’ Influences

After three years deep in studio mode, Camo (Reini) & Krooked (Markus) dropped their most impressive project to date in the form of their epic genre-bending Mosaik LP on Ram Records. Their fourth album since emerging in 2007, the album has been received as a testament to the ever-evolving skills and vision that Camo & Krooked have used to captivate audiences and listeners worldwide.

The title of the album, Mosaik, is itself a play off the scope of their wide-ranging influences that have fueled a decade of hits and over four albums and 50 singles. Taking the same approach to the long-player project, the duo crafted a 17-track album that impressively fused jazz, techno, classical orchestration, breakbeat, and drum & bass influences into a multifaceted sound that defies easy categorization but instantly connects with listeners at a deeper, spellbinding level.

With such an epic palette to pull from we thought we’d tap into the headspace of the duo to zero in on the tunes that not only have influenced the album, but will no doubt continue to shape future masterpieces from the duo in the years to come. Check their handcrafted “Mosaik Influences” playlist, followed by their track-by-track breakdown of each tune below. And while you’re at it, Camo & Krooked’s Mosaik LP is out now so be sure to lock in your copy here.

Ry X “Howling”
“We really like the voice of Ry X. We like it so much that it inspired us to use soulful male vocals on our tunes as well.”

Moderat “Eating Hooks”
“We love all those Foley recordings in Moderat tunes and how much vibe they have by just using analogue sounding synths.”

Stephan Bodzin “Wir”
“Stephan for us is the king of melodic minimal techno. His sound has influenced us for over six years, and he is the model of how to use a sub37 properly, even live!”

Trentemöller “Take Me Into Your Skin”
“This tune is a perfect example of a working ‘anti drop’ in techno after an amazing build up. The The Last Resort album has influenced our sound a lot and made us realize that in music, less is more sometimes.”

Super Flu “Jo Gurt” (DJ Koze Remix)
“DJ Koze has awakened our excitement for weird and quirky sound design. For us, everything that’s unusual for your ears has a certain appeal worth exploring.”

Tame Impala “Let It Happen”
“Some of the best songwriting and sound design can be found in these tunes. We can only recommend the latest album Currents for those interested in exploring more.”

Flume ft. KUCKA “Numb & Getting Colder”
“Almost every artist seems to have been influenced by Flume in the past year. His album Skin has set new grounds in electronic music.”

RÜFÜS “Innerbloom” (What So Not Remix)
“Electronic music that sounds rather organic than digital is what we like to listen to—that’s why our sound changed that way as well.”

HVOB “Lion” (Stimming Remix)
“Stimming has his own signature way of mixing the low end in his tunes that gives them a lot of weight and deepness.”

Chemical Brothers “Swoon”
“Loving those feel-good chords and that mesmerizing hook; instant summer vibes!”