Fresh off a massive tour through Australia and New Zealand (check the ill highlights here), the one and only Dirty Audio prepares to drop some heat on the Create crowd tonight via the Insomniac mothership. Designed as a space for “artist experimentation,” there’s no doubting that trap, future bass, and dubstep are all going to represent on the dancefloor tonight as Dirty Audio mashes it up as only he can do.

From sublime and ethereal floaters like “Roller Coaster” on through to neck-snappers like his untouchable remix of DJ Snake’s “Ocho Cinco” still crushing up the clubs, there’s no doubting Dirty Audio is the one you want to turn to in the clutch for that hip-hop Scott Storch-inspired dancefloor burn.

To get a sense of just what kind of soundscape Dirty Audio calls home we thought we’d tap him for an in-depth breakdown of his favorite cuts on this aptly titled “Filthy Essentials” Playlist from the man himself below.

Flosstradamus “Total Recall”
This song is a bit old, but this was one of the first songs that opened my eyes to electronic trap music. I was really into dubstep and hip-hop, so when I heard this, it was the perfect combination of sounds to me. These guys definitely helped pioneer what we refer to today as trap.

Porter Robinson “Unison (Crankdat Re-Crank)”
The original of this song is so good, so it’s dope that Crankdat brought it back to life with this remix. Also I just finished a collab with Crankdat so I’m really excited about that because he’s on fire right now!

Dirty Audio & Rickyxsan “Gettin’ That”
A lot of people might have discovered me through this song, but if you haven’t heard it you should definitely check it out! The support this song gained was surreal, and it was really fun working with Rickyxsan on it since he’s one of my favorite producers! Fun fact, when we were making this song, the power at the studio went out so we produced most of it on laptop speakers, and used our iPhones as light.

Dr. Dre “Still D.R.E.”
This song is one of my all-time favorite songs. I basically grew up listening to West coast hip-hop. I love every song that Scott Storch produced, his ethnic melodies are so crazy to me. You can really hear a lot of inspiration from this musical era in my productions.

Getter “Inhalant Abuse”
Getter is always producing unique and different sounding songs. I really like the direction his music has taken in the past year or two as he’s definitely created his own sound. I play this song and like five other Getter songs in all of my sets. Plus, he’s a really cool dude!

KRANE x Jupe “Quartzz”
I’ve been supporting this song for a while, the switch-ups are just so tight… I actually have a song with Jupe coming soon as well, so look out for that!

Eptic “Underworld”
Eptic has been a pioneer of bass music for such a long time, and everything he releases is always such a game changer. His sound design and melodies are so high quality; it always makes me want to step my game up! This song has also been in my sets lately, and it always gets the crowd hyped up.

Excision & Space Laces “Throwin Elbows”
When I first heard this song as an ID, I already knew it was about to be huge. Now everyone is playing it in their sets!

QUIX & Ian Munro “Purple Ford Falcon”
Both Quix and Ian Munro are killing it right now. Their productions are so crazy and unique. I actually had the chance to meet Ian Munro when I was out in New Zealand for my Australia / New Zealand tour. He’s really cool!

Pegboard Nerds “Downhearted” (Topi Remix)
Everything Pegboard Nerds release is always fire, so you can just already imagine how heavy a Topi remix would sound. Been playing this out in my sets for months, and the bass on this is heavy.

Herobust “Vertebreaker”
Herobust’s sound design is so next level. It’s so next level that it’s kinda scary. I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time now, and he has yet to disappoint me.