[Playlist] Distinct Motive’s Summer Festival Essentials
[Playlist] Distinct Motive’s Summer Festival Essentials

Half American-half Canadian production duo Distinct Motive stand among the handful of distinguished, powerplaying up-and-comers in today’s dubstep Renaissance, as they’ve joined a fearless pack of forward-facing young bucks who have been breathing fresh life into the genre with their explorative, groundbreaking and always bass heavy music. Having garnered play support from the likes of Noisia, Mala, Distance, Truth, Bukez Finezt and many more, the guys of Distinct Motive have quickly made a name for themselves for their dark and minimal production style that pays homage to the early aesthetic of dubstep while cultivating genre-molding, visceral and ingenious beats of their own. Since first forming in 2013, Distinct Motive have amassed a highly decorated output, with releases on J. Sparrow’s Navy Cut, Truth’s Deep, Dark & Dangerous and FatKidOnFire to name a few.

With a handful of roaring releases already added to their ever-expanding resume, Distinct Motive is gearing up to release their newest tour de force on September 1; the digital and vinyl release of Out There on Deep, Dark & Dangerous. This four-track EP hones in on what makes Distinct Motive exactly who they are; a unique blend of mystery, space, energy, power, inventiveness and restraint mixed together with their own brand of dubstep flare. In anticipation for the release of Out There, we asked Distinct Motive to create a summer festival essential playlist to see which tracks they deploy to make any festival dance floor quake with each play. Although the vinyl format of Out There is already sold out, you can still cop a digital download here!

In the meantime, check their “Summer Festival Essentials” below followed by Phil and John’s commentary on each track.

Kloudmen “Manyaro”
Phil: “I’ve been smashing this tune at shows for almost two years now. Kloudmen are some talented fellas! Again, an essential in your bag to get the party movin’!”

Matty G LB Konfusion & Eko “Spottie Ottie Dubalicious”
Phil: “This song absolutely screams ‘feel good music’; this tune is summer right here.”

Saule “Cure Dem” (J:Kenzo Remix)
Phil: “Incredible vibes on this one. J:Kenzo smashes anything he touches. Party starter.”

J.Sparrow “Afraid Of Me”
Phil: “Hands down my fav dubstep tune. This one gets the people going—a festival essential. This tune should never leave your bag!”

Siskiyou “Mirrors”
Phil:What an absolute monster. This one takes the cake.”

RUFUS! “Elephant Kombat”
Josh: “The percs and techy vibes with the elephant screechy synth get me everytime! People are starting to take notice to RUFUS!…finally.”

Enigma Dubz “Torn”
Josh: “In my opinion, the perfect way to blend a mixture of a head nodding bass with dark wobblying bassline. Enigma Dubz reigning supreme as usual.”

Oxóssi & Saule “Ride It”
Josh: “I absolutely LOVE the switch up when the crazy trap hats come in on this one. Oxóssi & Saule have been smashing it for a while now!”

Ago “Trust Inc.”
Josh: “Ago has been one of my favorite producers to rinse these past few years. This is by far my favorite by him.”

Skeptical “Chain Reaction”
Josh: “Pure whale noises on this one. I love how minimal it is, but yet impactful at the sametime. All time percy right here.”