[Playlist] Dr. Ozi’s Never Say Die Essentials
[Playlist] Dr. Ozi’s Never Say Die Essentials

Nix Chohan, more commonly known by his stage name Dr. Ozi, is no stranger to the world of bass music. Since his humble beginnings as a producer just a few short years ago, the concoctor of mayhem has easily navigated through the chaos of the scene and made a lasting imprint on the community with his unique synths and sucker punching bass drops.

With releases on many of bass music’s finest labels, Dr. Ozi has made Never Say Die Records his home with countless singles, EPs and remixes. Following the massive release of the Never Die One Hundred compilation, the Canadian native reflects on the shared success of the label and picks out 20 of his all-time favorite releases from his label mates, followed by commentary on his top eight. Check it!

Zomboy “Like a Bitch” (Kill The Noise Remix)
“This opened up 2017 in a huge way for dubstep! Besides the fact that Zomboy had a song that would be played out by some of the biggest DJs, Kill The Noise took this remix to a whole new level.”

Spag Heddy “Oh My!”
“Spag and I have been good friends for some time. We made a song not to long ago, but this tune is my personal favorite ever by him. The first time I herd this track, my reaction was exactly what the title says.”

Aweminus & Phiso “Sheer Cold”
“I remember hearing this song for the first time on Phiso’s SoundCloud. I am a huge fan of both Aweminus and Phiso and this song literally brought ceilings down at nightclubs.”

Must Die! “Feline
“Must Die! has been in my top five artists since I have known about him and this tune is the perfect example of the type of tune that can only get giant reactions from the crowd.”

Dr. Ozi “Youth In Asia”
“I never could’ve imagined the support I got from this song. From top DJs like p0gman all the way up to 12th Planet, everyone’s support on it was amazing. Seeing live clips of people playing it in the biggest venues was unreal!”

Dr. Ozi “Johnny”
“This is from my own new Blue Print EP. After Snails put it in his Snailed It Mix! Volume 4, a lot of people started asking when it was going to be released. I didn’t expect such a huge impact from this track.”

Trampa “Everybody Rocks”
“No one could compare the damage this song does in a club. Excision played this track on his entire Paradox tour with his crazy visuals. I play it almost every set—such crowd pleaser.”

Space Laces “Bugbass”
“The dryness of this song is ridiculous. To achieve the goal of keeping a track completely dry and hard hitting is super difficult! Space Laces did a sweet job trying to show producers you can achieve a good sound without a reverb or delay as well.”