[Playlist] Dub Rebellion’s Top 6 Vids of 2016
[Playlist] Dub Rebellion’s Top 6 Vids of 2016

Looking back over the past five and a half years, Darek Desrosiers, the visionary and sole proprietor of the wildly popular YouTube channel, The Dub Rebellion, continues to be amazed at just how successful the hub has become. First and foremost a bass music fan, Darek started the channel as a way of giving back to the scene that he loved while also promoting his favorite artists and labels.

While big-name channels like UKF seemed to have the dubstep game on lock, Darek held tight and after a series of high-profile premieres and a consistent output of top-notch content, the channel started to take off in a way that still leaves Darek in awe.

“I have a day job and I go to school as well,” Darek responds when asked how much time he commits to curating content for the channel. “Even so, I always make time for the channel every day. Most nights I don’t go to bed until 1am because I’m doing a combination of homework and channel stuff.”

As we move into 2017 and reflect on the success of the past year, including a revamped merch shop and nearly 200,000 followers, we thought we’d tap Darek to give us his personal Top 6 tunes featured on the channel over the course of 2016. Check the selection below for a glimpse into the master mind of that underground sound.

Kadaver “Bacteria”
Kadaver is one my favorite upcoming artists of 2016. If you like heavy, filthy dubstep, Kadaver is your man!”

Flakzz x Aryaxz “Bad Render”
“If you went to see FuntCase over the past year, you would definitely know this track. It’s impossible to keep still when this one drops!”

jaswan “Slime Time”
jaswan, better known as Jason from 16bit, really surprised me this year with his return. This one has been on constant rotation for the last few months. Get to know.”

um.. “Skrillex 2”
“When I first premiered this track, for whatever reason people thought the track was by Skrillex. Much love to my um.. bros! Expect some more heaters from them real soon.”