[Playlist] Dubloadz’s Artists To Watch in 2017
[Playlist] Dubloadz’s Artists To Watch in 2017

Carrying with him a willingness to abandon subgenres and labels, a savage wonk mentality, and a vast grab bag of influences, spanning from metal and hardcore to hip-hop, Dubloadz has begun turning the sounds of the dubstep world upside down. With a signature style that is as sharp and hard hitting as it is versatile and inventive, Dubloadz continues to push his creative limits—as well as bass music’s conventions—with every new release.

Already boasting releases on esteemed labels such as Disciple, SMOG, Rottun Recordings and Never Say Die, this highly decorated Disciple family member has received support from bass music heavy hitters like Getter, Protohype, 12th Planet, Datsik, Excision, Figure, Eptic and Skrillex, just to name a few. As we quickly approach our three-night stint with Excision’s Paradox tour at the Hollywood Palladium, we caught up with Dubloadz, who will be providing opening support for the Ex man on Sunday, January 29, to see what artists he’s got a close eye on for 2017.

“I just recently discovered Ivory and he’s quickly become one of my favorite dubstep producers. As far as the ‘riddim’ sound goes, this dude’s shit is hitting harder than most. The mixdowns are clean as hell and the drums bang hard. Also, every tune I’ve heard from him is getting better and better. Excited to see how his sound progresses and what he’s got up his sleeve next.”

“Ah yes, the old Chibs lord. This dude is from Australia and he’s absolutely killing it. His stuff reminds me of the stuff that inspired my original sound when I was getting into producing, but with a modern twist. ‘Kachi’ is one of his newest and I think it’s raising the bar for wonky, riddimy dubstep. Just so weird and unique.”

“Krimma has been one of my favorites for the past few years and he hasn’t let up. Super clean production and wonky as hell. Plazid killed it on ‘99 Fist Style’ as well. He’s got a super creative vibe. Sick combination and one of my favorite tracks of 2016.”

“Infekt is a don, enough said. Everyone already knows it. Master of flow.”

“Graphyt is easily one of the best new producers in the game. Every song he’s put out has picked my brain. It’s getting harder and harder to have a new distinct sound and this dude is pushing the envelope. Super broken, crazy, creative heavy shit. Him and Ecraze are an all-star combo.”

“Spass is like some super mysterious riddim gang whose identities are unknown to the masses. I don’t know who they are, how many of them there are, or what they want with us as a human race, but I know ‘Hi Tech’ is sick. Looking forward to hearing more from this mysterious entity.”

“Monxx has been making tunes for quite a while but he’s really refined his sound. Some of the cleanest punchiest mixdowns in the game. He pushes the wonk pretty hard so I need to pay my respects.”

The Others
“The Others was one of the first dubstep artists I heard during the golden ages. After a pretty long hiatus it’s awesome to hear him back in the game. ‘Comcha’ is a personal favorite and reminds me of everything I loved when dubstep was new to me.”