[Playlist] Jordon Comolli’s Top 10 Trap Killers
[Playlist] Jordon Comolli’s Top 10 Trap Killers

The Brighton upstart Jordon Comolli continues to live up to the potential Hucci and his Veyron Arche imprint first noticed in the beats the young trap producer was slanging only a few short years ago. Since then, his tunes continue to regularly rack up millions of streams online with love pouring in from the likes of Skrillex, Allison Wonderland and Annie Nightingale.

His latest street-wise heater, “Clash,” features the Reno, Nevada-based rapper Lil Traffic on the vocal tip, and already looks to follow in the footsteps of its forebears as it drips with a filthy lurching vibe that takes the dark and heavy road to dancefloor success. Wall-quaking beats and a shivering top-end that brings on the face-melt, it’s the untouchable lyricism of Lil Traffic floating atop the groove that elevates this one to future classic territory.

The single is out now so lock yours in here and be sure to check an exclusive Top 10 from Jordon Comolli featuring commentary on why each one of these cuts is weapon grade material for the dancefloor. Look out!

Ekali & KRANE “Akira”
“Thought I’d start with my favorite artist, Ekali, as I enjoy nearly everything he puts out and he’s definitely one of my favorite producers in the game. My style is heavily influenced by his, and if I would have never discovered him I don’t think I’d have the creative mindset I currently have every time I open FL Studio. This song is just insane. From the intro to the outro, I can’t resist maintaining a bassface whilst swinging my head left to right.”

Falcons & Ekali ft. Vanessa Elisha “I Won’t Lie”
“Another Ekali track that’s been stuck in my head since the day it was released. From the soothing vocals and the drum organizations, to the chords and so on, this banger deserves a spot in my list.”

G Jones & Ekali “Dark Matter”
“I’m done with the Ekali tracks now, I promise! This song deserved a spot as the whole damn atmosphere of this song is just 100% my style. The dark, haunting intro with the chilling choir vocals followed by the snare build, finishing with some hard ass drop with insane drum patterns just leaves me open-mouthed the whole duration of the song.”

Gravez “Ruler”
“I think we can all agree Gravez is an OG and anything he puts out never disappoints. Both Gravez and Ekali have been my top favorite producers since I heard their ‘Threatz’ remix. This tune is just ridiculously hard and production is absolutely A grade.”

Mickey Valen ft. Noé “Meet Me” (Maliboux & UNKWN Remix)
“This song is just absolutely beautiful. I’m not a fan of the original but this remix makes it one of my favorite songs of all time. Clean chord progressions, insane sound choices and dope vocals chops throughout the song. A grade production.”

whereisalex “a theme to the last days”
“whereisalex is also one of my favorite producers. His production is absolutely above and beyond. His percussion organization, chord progressions and most importantly his damn drum patterns and complexity leaves me mind blown with nearly everything the guys puts out. This definitely deserves a spot as one of my favorite songs right now.”

Mayhem & Antiserum ft. MACTurnUp “Breaking In” (Bro Safari Remix)
“Switching to some EDM, this song is just absolutely brutal. It goes off at shows and I just love everything about it. Respect to Bro Safari.”

Prismo “Senses” (William Black Remix)
“This song gets to me on an emotional level, yet it’s still insanely hard. Again, not a fan of the original but this remix is crazy. Love Prismo’s voice but the bass synth along with the vocal chops Will used in the drop is insane. Deserves a spot in my Top 10.”

Stooki Sound & Mr. Carmack “Uppers” (QUIX Remix)
“This has been an iconic song in my career. It introduced me to a style of music I was so fascinated by and wanted to make myself. QUIX is an absolute don and pioneer for a lot of producers right now. Huge amount of respect for the guy, this bangs when it came out and forever will.”

Yung Gud “U Want Me”
“Gud is just a straight god and this song has always been one of my top favorite tunes. Forever amazed by his production.”