[Playlist] Kayzo’s Ultra Lit Escape Pre-Party Selections
[Playlist] Kayzo’s Ultra Lit Escape Pre-Party Selections

We love to see Insomniac Discovery Project alumni go far, and L.A.-based Kayzo has done just that since securing his position as top dog back in 2012. Over the years, the artist known as Hayden Capuozzo has matured his sound by taking a blowtorch to subgenres with his energetic, highly infectious dance music creations.

With the rise of Kayzo’s new Doghouse Recordings imprint, along with a slew of high profile collabs and gigs, 2016 has been his best year yet. Fans will want to draw a circle around October 28 in particular, as Kayzo is set to release his highly-anticipated Black & White EP on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family imprint, as well as step up to crush the Bassrush-hosted Chopping Block stage at Escape: Psycho Circus.

To get yourself in the mood for the massive weekend ahead, check Kayzo’s commentary on the bass-drenched pre-party bits below and we’ll see you on the dancefloor this weekend at Escape!

Sub Focus ft. Alpines “Tidal Wave”
“I’m gonna start this list off with one of my favorite songs to date and still one of the first songs I fell in love with when I first started learning how to produce. I can still play this out even now and it gives me chills.”

Kill The Noise “All In My Head” (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix)
“Between the vocal and the lead melody that comes after, this record seriously has some of the best vibes.”

The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey “Closer” (Wuki Remix)
“I typically don’t play out songs at this tempo, but the sound design on this one has me always playing it regardless.”

G4SHI “Rose Gold”
“Not a DJ song, but G4SHI is probably my favorite artist out right now.”

Cesqeux & KAYZO “HOME”
“This still is one of my favorite song I have had the pleasure of making, and I got to work with one of the most talented artists in the game today.”

Porter Robinson “Language”
“This is one of my favorite songs in the entire world. Gammer and I even had to remix it! (Laughs) It has the most infectious melody—it’s a timeless classic.”

Da Tweekaz “#Tweekay 16”
“It’s simple in its overall production but still one of the hardest tracks in my sets. I absolutely love minimal drops for DJ sets—this one takes the cake.”

Netsky ft. Lowell “Forget What You Look Like”
“I first heard this song played out by Marshmello and absolutely lost it. It has this wave of emotion that carries you through to each break but still energy that makes you wanna move.”

Tisoki “Adrenaline”
“Absolute favorite dubstep song at the moment. Play this out and you’re gonna be done for the night—it’s an absolute workout for headbangers.”

No Mana “Nostalgia Drive”
“No Mana is my favorite new artist at the moment. This song has a minimal vibe to it, which I enjoy, but it hits super hard with an infectious groove. It always feels like the song is building, which keeps you in the moment.”