[Playlist] NastyNasty’s Acid Trip Ruiners
[Playlist] NastyNasty’s Acid Trip Ruiners

Since 2008, NastyNasty has been administering brain-stretching, warehouse-feeling, analog-driven beats to the masses that perfectly strike a balance between communal dancefloor detonation and intimate breeds of weirdness.

Climbing the ranks in a bass heavy, sonically hard-edged scene among the likes of EPROM, G Jones and Bleep Bloop, NastyNasty aims to deliver his own unique sound to arrive at a more permanent, organic and sincere output for himself and his fans alike. Utilizing his love of hands-on technological production tools and his background in an array of electronic genres, NastyNasty has concocted a personal style that he continues to expand upon that displays an earnest window into his unique artistic perspective while speaking to droves of music lovers.

In anticipation of his headlining Bassrush show at the Belasco Theater on Friday, October 20 with Proko and CHEE (purchase tickets here), NastyNasty compiled a selection of blistering bass picks he calls “acid trip ruiners” sure to go down on the dancefloor.

As NastyNasty tells us: “Here’s 10 tunes you can confidently throw up your gunfingers to (provided you aren’t DJing a wedding or deep-house night….something that requires a more delicate sound). Thanks for reaching out to give me a chance to showcase some of this left-of-normal bass music, excited to come sound off on the 20th! Boom!”

Kendrick Lamar “Humble” (NastyNasty Suplex)
“I’ve been waiting for years for a Kendrick song to come out that I felt like I wouldn’t completely ruin by putting hands to it. Upon hearing ‘Humble,’ I immediately knew it was time. This one is a pure homage to both Kendrick and my own contemporaries, as I tried to fuse my love of the OG Sub Soldiers-type dubstep sensibilities with 2017’s frantic pacing and changeups.”

HEKLER “Majin Buu”
“1. Dragonball Z samples.
2. That kick drum is inhuman.

NOISIA “Into Dust” (Tsuruda Remix)
“I don’t think I’ve played a set in the last year or two without dropping some Tsuruda or Noisia. I have the deepest respect for Tsuruda’s ability to inject his style into any genre he approaches and this remix really highlights that.”

NastyNasty “sIckLiTtle” (DJ Pound Remix)
“I usually have an annual tweet about how DJ Pound is one of the most slept-on talents on the West Coast. I’m also not too big to know when I’m outdone on my own tune. This remix took an awkward DJ tool I made to get in between songs and turned it into full-fledged club banger. Seeing Craze drop this and let it rock with no scratches was a highlight of 2016 for me.”

Chee “Grotesque”
“Been playing an edit of this tune since it was a wee demo with a different name! I don’t know what to write here; this shit go like Sonic the Hedgehog on Viagra. I feel extremely blessed to have him on the MUTANT SOUND TOUR THIS FALL!”

NastyNasty “Desert Sun”
“Looking back, I see this song as one of the more important tunes I’ve written over the years for a few reasons: it holds a ton of my sonic hallmarks (cantankerous drum arrangements, re-sampled hardware synths, big distorted kicks) and completely by accident it ended up being one of my more dancefloor friendly tunes to date.”

EPROM “Pineapple” (G Jones Remix)
“Okay look, they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and to a degree they’re right, but it isn’t about food—it’s about big beefy distorted kick drums punching me in the stomach. This track features two of my favorite producers and big influences of mine in their own right. I’m constantly inspired by EPROM’s uncompromising dedication to aesthetic and G Jones’ ability to subvert expectations and make music incredibly fun.”

Bleep Bloop ft. Gary Paintin “K-9 Unit”
“One of my strongest kinks is authenticity and this tune has it in droves. Growing up in Northern California you’re bound to inherit at least a few friends in the burgeoning marijuana industry, and the hook speaks on some all-too-familiar situations. The fucking drop is pure gooey bass shredding too; legit headbanger tune.”

Sayer x NastyNasty “Starscraper”
“Sayer is a monster. We wrote this tune on his 30th birthday and it also marks the moment I started using Ableton as my DAW of choice. Sludgy with tinges of doom metal and acid techno…a pretty honest representation of us as people.”

Proko “Block Streets
JESUS CHRIST THOSE FUCKING SNARE DRUMS. Proko is monstrously talented and this tune speaks to several of his strengths. JUST SO HAPPENS YOU CAN FIND HIM ON THE MUTANT SOUND TOUR AS WELL! [Ed. Note: That’s tonight in Los Angeles, for everyone keeping score.]