[Playlist] Oski’s Trap & Bass Takeover
[Playlist] Oski’s Trap & Bass Takeover

Currently touring alongside the Quality Goods Records fam in support of label boss UZ, Aussie DJ/producer Oski has been blowing domes every step of the way with his fresh and technical trap productions. After last year’s smoldering Kid Chrome EP we’ve been treated to naughty rework of Habstrakt’s “Clowns,” co-produced with frequent collaborator, Hydraulix.

As we approach the UZ & Friends SoCal stops in Los Angeles and San Diego, Bassrush managed to get a hold of Oski’s current playlist for a quick dose of that gut-busting low end and exhilarating build-ups followed by Oski’s own commentary on his top five cuts from the list.

UZ feat. Gia “Million Dollar Bills”
“There’s a reason why QGR boss man UZ is the Trap Lord. I still can’t figure out how he gets his 808s so damn thick.”

Mr. Carmack “Kick It Up” (Inverness Remix)
“For me, the percussion in a track is everything. There is so much space in-between the lines that can be utilized for drums, and this track is the perfect example of how to use that space to swing percussion offbeat and add some swag. That 170bpm trap is coming back but with a bit more hip-hop, and Inverness proved it with this dope Carmack remix. Also check out his Kaaris “Chargé” remix.

sumthin sumthin “Bloom”
“I’ve had this on repeat since the day it dropped and I’m so in love with those insane percussions. Definitely keep an eye out for sumthin sumthin.”

JaySounds “The Vibe” (Ian Munro Remix)
“Gotta support that AUS/NZ music. My New Zealand brother Ian Munro has been holding it down for so long and is still continuing to put out such creative and hard hitting tunes. He recently joined the QGR team and is working on some absolutely insane stuff. Definitely keep an eye out for this kid.”

Noisia “Tentacles” (Ivy Lab Remix)
“Ivy Lab is everything I aspire to be on the sound design front so I absolutely had to include this romper. ‘Tentacles’ is by far my favorite track on Outer Edges and Ivy Lab just upped the game. Hats off!”