[Playlist] Overlook: For Those Who Like It Deep
[Playlist] Overlook: For Those Who Like It Deep

The Bournemouth-based Overlook continues to make big moves as one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the new school minimalist underground streak evolving just under the mainstream radar in the ever-eclectic drum & bass scene. With a vibe that strips it down to the essentials, Overlook also displays a surprising range of versatility that hints at not only broader dystopian soundscapes, but also intricate melodies and complex layers and ever-evolving narratives.

It’s a sound that hits the mark and will no doubt elevate his stature as his forthcoming Smoke Signals LP on UVB-76 imprint can attest. Featuring 13 tracks including heavyweight collaborations with fellow atmospheric beat-smiths like Ruffhouse, Gremlinz, Cern, and Mono, the album is a fitting introduction to the dark and deadly world that Overlook is capable of conjuring up, as the LP reveals an affinity for intricate, head-cracking star-gazers that feed the head and hammer the bassbins at the same time. Centered on dark melodies, twisted hooks, intricate breaks, and celestial often anxiety-inducing dreamscapes, the LP makes it easy to see how Overlook draws upon the very best elements of the golden age of drum & bass while also accelerating the evolution of the genre into the future.

As such, the album has found the perfect home on UVB-76, the record label from Gremlinz and Ruffhouse, who’s stated vision is to support “artists that it genuinely believes in” while paying “no mind whatsoever to trends.” As the promo sheet accompanying the album tells us: “The foundation of the project may well be drum & bass, but the building itself is so much more than that—equal parts dance music and soundtrack influence.”

To get a proper education and sense of the headspace Overlook is coming from, we thought we’d tap into the synapses of UB-76 trio Ruffhouse for their selection of five essential Overlook bits to get you prepared for the full release of Overlook’s Smoke Signals LP which drops on April 7. Be sure to lock in your pre-order of the LP here and check the Overlook technique below.

This release really showed everyone why Overlook had become one of the scene's finest producers and best kept secrets.

Overlook “Digital” (31 Recordings, 2013)
Released in 2013, “Digital” was part of the first release re-launching Doc Scott’s 31 imprint and hasn’t left our crates since. It has an ethereal feel and subtly progresses into a monster towards the latter end. This tune came out at a time when Overlook was really starting to cement his signature sound.

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Overlook “Narrows” (Cylon, 2015)
This one is off Loxy’s Cylon Illustrations LP. It was instantly one of the standout tunes of the compilation, gaining massive support from pretty much everyone. It is a beast of a track with a haunting vocal that sets off the whole mood of the tune.

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Overlook “Scarlett” (UVB-76, 2017)
With a name referencing Twin Peaks, this was written two years prior to release. We had to twist Overlook’s arm to release it as he felt it may have been a bit dated, but in the end we managed to get it out on our own UVB-76 imprint, much to everyone’s delight, including Overlook.

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Overlook “Street Spirit” (31 Recordings, 2013)
This one was also featured on 31’s re-launch with “Digital.” This release really showed everyone why Overlook had become one of the scene’s finest producers and best kept secrets. A dark, weighty tune!

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Overlook “Motif” (2015)
“Motif” is a dark, breaky number with a nod to the days of Source Direct. Originally a download off Overlook’s own Bandcamp page, the tune was so good that Repertoire asked to release it on vinyl, which saw a special limited edition run and sold out instantly.

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