[Playlist] Ownglow’s Poolside Bangers
[Playlist] Ownglow’s Poolside Bangers

Still buzzing off the advance praise he’s receiving for his Inside the Silence EP on Hospital Records, the young UK-via-Arizona-based producer’s ability to crush on a diverse range of vibes comes to the fore in this ill poolside playlist he’s just dreamt up for us.

As Ownglow tells it: “All of these tunes are what I would deem poolside bangers! It’s the kind of playlist I’d listen to on a normal day, brainstorming ideas of how to coordinate a tune that moves between the genres! Chance The Rapper, Jay Prince, Brasstracks and FKJ for their soul and groove, meticulously crafted chord progressions and detailed toplines. Tennyson & Carmack for a dose of left field rhythms and swings!”

Check the selection after you slap on some sunscreen and be sure to check Ownglow’s commentary on his Top 5 cuts from the list. While you’re at it, lock in your preorder of the Ownglow’s Inside the Silence EP due to drop on June 16 here.

Jay Prince ft Amine “Vice”
“The production work on this tune coupled with the incredible voice of Jay really makes it a stand out for this summer. Jay’s entire tape, ‘Late Summers,’ is an absolute belter. Easily one of my favorites about right now!”

Isaiah Rashad “Cilvia” Demo
“I heard this for the first time on my Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’ and was instantly hooked on the swing and play between the vocals and the drums!”

Next To Blue “1-800-Friends”
“The homie Ben really delivered on this tune. There’s so much to compliment: the excellent sampling and synthesis with the absolutely slapping drums and the hype vocal samples!”

FKJ “Joy”
“Heard this for the first time in the backseat of my manager’s flatmate’s car on the way to a pub in Dalston. I was instantly hooked on how wholesome this tune is. An absolute joy to listen to.”

Lone “Backtail Was Heavy”
“An incredible, rave-inspired track. Lone is consistently put out quality tunes, from ‘2 Is 8’ to ‘Restless City,’ and is always finding a way to merge heritage sounds with modern but restrained production. Banger.”