[Playlist] Phiso’s Fall Essentials
[Playlist] Phiso’s Fall Essentials

Wickedly talented yet humble, Phiso is a producer on a steady upward trajectory, landing direct support for FuntCase on his severely sick DPMO US tour. Now that DPMO Volume One on Circus has dropped, the compilation has finally liberated Phiso’s legendary “Perish Song” pleasing the die-hard dubstep masses.

After a long summer of hefty gigging, Phiso is ready for another fill-up at Bassrush and blesses us with a special playlist curated by the man himself followed by an in-depth breakdown of each of the 15 tracks he’s selected. As we count down the days until FuntCase and Phiso launch their reign of terror on the Bassrush masses, we’re proud to present a few of his favorite tracks of the moment to get you all warmed up for the September 29 Bassrush takeover at the Belasco. For full details and tickets click here.

Svdden Death “Take Ya Head Off”
“Let’s start the list off with a big one. I was on Twitter a month or two ago, and he’d posted an in-the-studio teaser. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to have it. I hit him straight up for it, and I’ve been playing it just about every set since then. No one can resist this one on the dancefloor. Super talented dude, big things are in store for him.”

Aweminus “Purple Submarine”
“Aweminus is one of those producers that maybe puts out a tune or two every once in a while, but secretly has a ridiculous musical output. For that reason, I didn’t properly catch wind of this track until several months after he made it, but now I play it all the time. The insane part is that I could fill this whole list with tunes by him that no one has even heard, but that wouldn’t be very fair.”

Retox “Kakarot”
“This one is quite the oldie. I think I learned of it back in 2013 during a BloodThinnerz live stream. It hasn’t seen much attention, and honestly it has almost faded into obscurity at this point, but I love giving it a play here and there. It’s just got so much energy, and it’s a nice throwback to a time where I was just getting into the underground and exploring everyone’s sounds.” [Ed. Note: This one is no longer on SoundCloud, but you can check the YouTube version here.]

Neonix “Hollow”
“This is one of my favs. I met Neonix through a series of Skype group calls, and we quickly became close friends due to our similar tastes in music. He’s also a skilled but unfortunately overlooked producer. Hollow is actually an older track of his that still hasn’t seen the proper attention it deserves. It’s got that wonky sound people love, but it’s properly filled out so there’s never a full moment.”

Dr. Philth “Technowank”
“As much as it pains me to say this, I didn’t learn of this track very early on. I discovered it on my own about a year and a half ago when browsing SoundCloud. I am still thoroughly impressed by how sick it sounds, even by today’s standards. You only need to listen to this one once to understand how Dr. Philth set that bar for quality in the underground.”

Ponicz “Riddim of the Future”
“What a crazy tune. Ponicz has that magic dubstep touch, he just can’t mess up. Some of my favorite memories are of dropping this one at Beyond Wonderland with Aweminus and Definitive. Ever since I first heard this new sound of his, I’ve been keeping a particularly close eye on new Ponicz in my newsfeed.”

Kadaver “Simplicity”
“This one came out on Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ free Kadaversaurus EP. The whole EP was great of course, but frankly, I think this tune in particular was completely slept on. Kadaver has been proving himself to be an underground heavyweight for a few years now, but he’s really stepped up his game lately.”

Chibs “Earthworm Slim”
“I met Chibs when I was doing the rounds in Australia around March of this year. Before my show in Brisbane, he sent over a few bits and this was one of them. He’s got one of the best riddim sounds out there right now—so squishy and slappy, and his stuff sounds amazing in the club. Highly recommend checking him out.”

MurDa “Element 115” [Unreleased]
“This one’s not out quite yet, but it’s pretty incredible! Tommy has come a long way as a producer, and his efforts have all paid off as far as I’m concerned. This one sounds massive on any system. It strikes the balance between anthem and innovation very nicely. His newer stuff gives me faith for the long-term health and growth of the scene.”

BadKlaat “Knuckle Sandwich”
“This one is fucking ridiculous—no other way to put it. It pains me that FuntCase won’t let me play it on the tour. As I type this, I sit in the green room waiting to play for Gainesville. Can’t really blame him, though.”

BloodThinnerz “Deaf Dub”
“This is another throwback, even if it doesn’t feel like it. The BloodThinnerz boys used to tease this one in their streams all the time. They thought it was ahead of its time; they were right, too. Can you name many other instances of a track being so good, it’s basically held back from release for two years because it’s so good?”

Curzed “Dumbo” (Berrix VIP)
“This is such a creative tune, and it keeps true to the original. I met Berrix in Paris around the time of Animalz, and I’m glad I did because he’s got some great tracks in his catalogue. I’m a big fan of tracks that innovate, especially when it comes to the riddim sound. I hope I get to hear more like this in the future.”

Definitive “Decibel”
“Brandon (Aweminus) and I work a lot with Definitive, but he still isn’t that well known. I’ll take the opportunity to plug a newer bit of his theirs Decibel has a chest-crushing sound. So weighty and it sneaks up on you. Look out for him—something tells me you’ll be seeing his name more in the future.”

Ivory “93 Style”
“A big congrats to Ivory for the recent UKF upload for this track! Well deserved! 93 Style has seen a lot of support this past year and it goes off every time I hear it. If you haven’t heard it yet, stop what you’re doing to give it a listen.”

Klax “The Sway”
“To wrap up the list, I’ll leave you with a liquid drum & bass bit I keep coming back to. I randomly found this on YouTube six months ago, and it’s just wonderful. It reminds me that I need to go deeper down the D&B rabbit hole. There’s so much I haven’t heard yet.”