[Playlist] Prolix: Essential Bangers from 2016
[Playlist] Prolix: Essential Bangers from 2016 Photo by Luuk Ticheloven

The wait for drum & bass maverick Prolix’s Danger EP on Shogun Audio is finally over. Having signed exclusively to the esteemed imprint earlier this year, Prolix follows up on his Nature of Reality debut with a jaw dropping four-tracker that’s sure to go down as one of the hottest releases of the year. Whether it’s the Friction fave “Danger” or the full-throttled assault of “Threshold” featuring Ben Verse on vocal duties, Prolix proves he’s at the top of his game. Toss in massive bangers like “Planet Smasher” with Drumsound and Bassline Smith alongside the funked out “We Do Our Thing” and you know this EP is one to buy on sight.

Speaking of bangers, check this smoking in-your-face playlist featuring 15 of Prolix’s most loved tracks of 2016…so far.

Prolix “Danger”
“This is the lead track from my EP. Danger is my first full release since signing exclusively to Shogun; I wanted to make sure I kicked it off with a big tune. So far it has been getting a great response.”

Break “Ain’t No Turning Back”
“What can I say about Break? He’s got to be one of the all-time best drum & bass producers. Bags of soul and funk, and can out ‘tech’ anyone whenever he feels like it. A true genius!”

Neonlight “Influx” (Misanthrop Remix)
“One of the most relentless brutes this year! Michael absolutely killed this remix, plus I love Neonlight so a double win here!”

Prolix “We Do Our Thing”
“The second track from my EP; an Audio-inspired dancefloor track with the DJ in mind as much as the raver. It has been going down really well when I’ve played it out.”

TC “Next Hype” (Malux + Crissy Criss + Erb N Dub Remix)
“Probably one of the most played remixes of the year, and for good reason! Wicked beats and bass with Jakes over the top, can’t argue with that!”

Noisia “Anomaly”
“This is one of my favs from their monster new album. It’s fairly subtle in its ferocity, until the jungle edits drop!”

The Prodigy “The Day Is My Enemy” (Bad Company UK Remix)
“Caused a bit of a storm on this release but I’m including it because firstly, I think it’s wicked, and secondly, without the Prodigy and Bad Company I wouldn’t be compiling this playlist for you today! Huge respect!”

Rido “Movin”
“Rido’s new album is great. Lots of wicked tunes to choose from but I really love the vibe on this one.”

June Miller “Hide and Seek”
“These guys never disappoint; wicked neuro dancefloor beats!”

Mefjus & Emperror “Flashizm”
“When these two get together you know it’s going to be a monster, and this didn’t disappoint. Every time something new by these guys come out the production bar gets raised.”

Proxima “Here We Go”
“Came out on my label Trendkill Records earlier this year but will never leave my bag! An outstanding track.”

Noisia & Prolix “Asteroids”
“I’m putting this in just to remind everyone that I did a track with them, okay?” (Laughs)

Fourward “Dewey”
“Love this track; super funky. Could have chosen any number of tunes from their new album. Top notch.”

Drumsound & Bassline Smith “The Truth VIP”
“An absolute banger from some of my favorite producers. They’ve nailed that big-room sound and I have been lucky enough to do a collaboration on my latest EP with them.”

Moodygood “Hotplate” (Prolix Remix)
“One of my biggest remixes to date! Loved the original and Knytro’s vocals were a pleasure to work with.”