[Playlist] Reid Speed’s Pre-Funktion Selections
[Playlist] Reid Speed’s Pre-Funktion Selections

An opportunity to see Reid Speed grace the decks isn’t just an experience, it’s an essential part of the club-goer’s diet. To say she is a leading voice within the drum & bass community would be an understatement. With a little over 24 hours left until 2017’s first installment of Bassrush’s strictly D&B affair in Los Angeles, we’re getting mad amped to party it up with Calyx & TeeBee, State of Mind, and the Play Me Records boss herself.

Whether you’ve followed Reid since her Breakbeat Science days, or got hooked on her popular Speed of Sound mix series, there’s no denying Reid will smash up the place and leave you breathless. To get yourself in the mood for the Funktion mayhem about to go down tomorrow night at the Belasco Theater, sit back and enjoy this exclusive 15-track playlist of heavy-hitting cuts curated by the bad gal herself, followed by commentary on her Top 5 selections.

Serum ft. Inja “Red Eyes” [Philly Blunt]
“This one has been a favorite of my sets for some time; it’s a nice bridge into or out of halftime.”

Matrix & Futurebound ft. Max Marshall “Fire” (Killer Hertz Remix) [Metro/Viper]
“One for both the ladies and the gents. KHZ took a great song, pitched the original vocals down to a more mixable key, and made the drop straight running. So effective!”

Mefjus & Emperor “Sanity Check” [Critical]
“A tuff chugger, it tricks you with an epic, Noisia-esque breakdown but drops into pure dancefloor business.”

Phace “So Excited” [Neosignal]
“DROP IT HARD!” Okay, will do! This one never fails to kick the energy up a notch.”

The Walking Sticks “The News” (Reid Speed Remix) [Play Me]
“One of my favorite set-enders. It’s got feels for days.”