[Playlist] Rickyxsan’s Vibes
[Playlist] Rickyxsan’s Vibes

Absolutely crushing it with his monster Them Vibes EP for the Never Say Die family, Rickyxsan continues to make those big moves in his quest for world domination. Whether he’s mashing up the rapid-fire dancefloor assault on bits like “Nu Dub,” bringing on the shivers on “SoCal,” or straight up twisting synapses and cracking skulls on our favorite off the EP, “Trippy,” there’s a kind of melodic dancefloor sensibility underneath it all that elevates Rickyxsan’s cuts to a higher level.

With all of them “vibes” in mind, we tapped Rickyxsan for a 20-track selection of tunes that will bring on a deeper appreciation and understanding of the framework and foundation that the artist is working with. If his stunning trajectory over the past year hasn’t convinced you, trust us when we say that Rickyxsan is definitely one to continue to watch.

Check the commentary from the man himself on the first five tracks and prepare for an extra-special journey into the headspace of Rickyxsan.

Mike Jones “Back Then”
Hip-hop was my first love growing up when Mike Jones, G-Unit, Three 6 Mafia [and others] were poppin’ from 2004–2006. This was literally my middle school jam and still is.

Daft Punk “Face To Face”
This is my all-time favorite Daft Punk record! This record always puts me in such a good mood every time I listen to it, and was my gateway to electronic music.

Robert Rich “Generosity Of Solitude Pt. 2”
So excited to share the “softer and more relaxed” side of my musical taste with you guys. Robert Rich is one of my all-time favorite composers; his music is more on the ambient, dreamy and very uplifting side of things. It’s emotional music that gives me this sort of “hope” feeling that clears my mind and puts me at peace. Also I get a ton of chord inspirations from listening to his music.

Skrillex “Right In”
This record was the record that gave me the drive to one-up my music production skills. This record really pushed the boundaries in bass music and still to this day is one of the biggest influences in creating my own sound.

David Hazeltine “I’ll Let You Know”
Here’s a little taste of my classical jazz side. David Hazeltine is one of my favorite jazz composers, [and also] where I get all my drum and cymbal inspirations. I’m more of a “coffee table jazz” type of guy, and this tune puts me in such a relaxed, good mood.