[Playlist] Slumberjack’s Synaesthetic Essentials
[Playlist] Slumberjack’s Synaesthetic Essentials

It’s been a breakout year for the Australian duo known as Slumberjack as they’ve gone from strength to strength with a series of chart-topping releases, festival appearances, and the support raining in from the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, and Porter Robinson. Having amassed over 40 million streams across all platforms, the Perth-based duo are set to bring it live and direct to the Bassrush masses this Saturday night when they touch down at the Hollywood Palladium in support of TroyBoi (full details here).

To get us in the mood we asked Morgan and Fletcher to hit us with a playlist that builds off a condition that Morgan has called “synesthesia,” or the condition of seeing sounds as colors. While we can’t guarantee that listeners will experience the same altered state of consciousness that such a condition no doubt induces, you can expect an eclectic and jaw-dropping mix where cinematic visual elements blur with those of heavyweight beats you can feel at a deep and primal level.

Julian Calor “Desperation”
Fletcher: “We first heard this song as the backing to a video of this incredible reel of 3D fractal patterns, which are basically structures with infinite detail that can be zoomed in on forever. The chord progression and way that the pads open up over the track really takes you to an ethereal place and suits the visual perfectly.”

Morgan: “I can feel the ripping sound on my tongue. Weird, but I’d imagine that’s what licking a thornybush would feel like. On the palette front, it kinda tastes like fermented elderflower to me. Think Elderflower kombucha, if it exists. Love the taste and the track even more.”

Bad Rapper “Put in Work”
Fletcher: “This track has a pretty badass dark vibe about it. The whistle on the lead slices right through and has a really sharp feel to it—reminds me of shards of glass.

Morgan: “Now that Fletch has mentioned glass, it tastes like glass. Don’t like how it feels on my tongue per se, but damn it still sounds good so I’m gonna have to deal with it.”

San Holo “The Future” (Vincent Remix)
Fletcher: “We knew this track was huge when we first heard it, but didn’t realize exactly how massive it was until we dropped it for the first time at Red Rocks and were blown away. The bass has a beautiful deep squishiness which is the perfect juxtaposition for the delicate intro.”

Morgan: “This has the classic melted rubber smell to me. YUMMY! It could be how the main bass sounds like its stretching and that reminds me of chewing gum and how your teeth grind when it disintegrates.”

X&G ft. Josh Pan “Whiplash”
Fletcher: “It isn’t easy to create music using silences, but these guys have done it super well. As a marching snare drummer myself in my early years, it definitely appeals to my sense of creating rhythm using simple elements.”

Morgan: “These guys have expertly used negative space to create a super special rhythm. I think I have mentioned to you guys before about lotus roots. Negative space = holes = trypophobia = feels exactly like LOTUS ROOTS on my tongue.”

NOISIA “Mantra” (Mat Zo Remix)
Fletcher: “A big fan of the use of ethnic vocal mantras in this, and the lack of chord movement in the intro creates such tension that when the drop finally comes. It’s such a satisfying and beautiful release.”

Morgan: “This one is very interesting. I haven’t tasted salad in music before but Mat has done it. Feels tomatoe-y to me and that’s not a bad thing at all. Definitely have a listen; it’s a very impressive remix.”