[Playlist] Smooth’s Essential Bangers
[Playlist] Smooth’s Essential Bangers

Viper Recordings has been on an absolute tear lately, not only crushing heads at the EDCLV bassPOD a few weekends back, but also bringing that heat to Los Angeles for the Funktion takeover. With the 50-track Bassrush 1.0 compilation still on heavy rotation in the office, we couldn’t help but tap label stalwart Smooth for his selection of essential bangers, as his bonus mix on the compilation is pure fire!

No stranger to the spotlight himself, Smooth’s own True Grit EP on Viper is one of our favorite releases of the year, with that full-on signature dancefloor pressure that the Slovenian always seems to deliver so effortlessly. From the growling title track to techno-driven thrillers like “Eraser” and “Tinnitus” on through the dreamy “Oxygen,” Smooth never fails to dial it in just right for the dancefloor.

With that in mind, check the selection of 18 sure-fire hits below from the man of the hour as he offers up an inside glimpse at what makes the dancefloor move followed by commentary on his Top 5 from the list. Essential listening for fans, DJs, and producers alike!

Smooth “Under the Moon” (Viper, 2009)
I had to pick this as my #1 because it was the first tune I ever released on Viper; was a life changing moment for me indeed!

Matrix & Futurebound “Skyscraper” (Viper, 2006)
This is a tune that I still listen to a lot. It was a big influence for my music and was always impressed by it

ShockOne “Polygon” (Viper, 2009)
My God, the first time I heard this banger it ripped my brains apart. A very big influence tune for me as well!

Metrik “T-1000” (Viper, 2010)
Tom always brings the goods. I could not take this tune out of my mixes for years, [and I] still play it sometimes. HUGE!

Futurebound & Jaquan “Blind Cobbler’s Thumb” (Viper, 2003)
I heard this one played at a club once in the earlier days of my career and I was blown away. How big is this!?