[Playlist] Spag Heddy’s Cookin’ Essentials
[Playlist] Spag Heddy’s Cookin’ Essentials

No matter which of his latest releases you’ve been rocking out to, the self-proclaimed spaghetti monster known as Spag Heddy has been serving up some of the spiciest flavors that dubstep has to offer! With a wide palette of inspirations that range from old-school bass classics to new-school international hits—and everything in between—we’d thought we’d switch things up a bit and get a glimpse into what Spag Heddy considers essential kitchen listening.

 Use the 18-track selection below to inspire your own culinary journey and be sure to check the commentary on his Top Five selection below.

Bonobo “Cirrus”
“This song gets me in an ultimate spacey vibe—and craving Asian food for some reason. It’s probably the chimes. Turn this on in the kitchen and prepare to start a spiritual journey. If you manage not to get too hypnotized to cook, then the noodles and curry will never taste better.”

Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA”
“When you think of the USA, you think of fried food. Sing along with this classic while frying basically anything you can think of—pickles, bananas, cheese, bacon-wrapped-chicken-finger-tacos. Youʼll feel as ‘Murica and free as you could ever feel.”

Bongo Botrako “Todos Los Días Sale El Sol”
“I heard this song on the radio the first time while in a shoe store and I couldn’t stand still. Hearing this song makes you want to dance while shoving tapas in your mouth. Spanish ham, paella, and gambaʼs are some of my favorite foods. You’ve got to try the ultimate Spanish ham: Jamón Iberico. It will change your life.”

Different Heaven & EH!DE “My Heart”
“Pasta is life. When making your spaghetti and meatballs, mac ‘n’ cheese or carbonara,
make sure to have this tune on. It is the cheesiest yet catchiest melody you could ever think of; that’s why it’s essential to use when cooking pasta. It needs cheese—lots of cheesy cheese.”

Camo & Krooked “Loving You Is Easy”
“When cooking up a romantic dinner for two at home, swing on the apron, pour some fine wine, and hit play. Be careful with the fingers while chopping veggies and doing your best embarrassing MJ moves on this funky riddim, though.”