[Playlist] Spock’s Party-Rocking Essentials
[Playlist] Spock’s Party-Rocking Essentials

Los Angeles’ own Spock is a fairly new addition to the bass music scene, but has shotgunned his way to center stage in the past year with his unique sound. Having surfaced on imprints like Disciple and Buygore, not to mention supporting Getter on his nationwide “Wat the Frick Tour,” we think it’s safe to say that Spock is definitely a name to keep your eyes on.

Aside from his exquisite musical taste, the dude knows how to make people laugh with his hilarious Vines and humorous tweets. With a larger-than-life personality on stage and on social media, who better to turn to when we’re in need of a playlist that will kick-start the weekend party vibes in style?

Check the eclectic 15-track “Party-Rocking Essentials” list, hand-selected by the alien boy wonder himself, with a little insight into his top five from the playlist below.

Fergie “Fergalicious”
“Try naming a song that goes harder than this. Pro-Tip: You can’t! Seriously though, I know all the words to this song and it’s hard to not move your hips in a sexual way while listening to it. I’ve never been able to make it past the first chorus without gyrating my hips and lip-syncing. So delicious.”

Metallica “Master of Puppets”
“This album and this song specifically were essentially my gateway into heavy metal. I remember listening to this on full volume on my iPod Touch and Skullcandy earphones while waiting for my mom to come pick me and my friends up from middle school. This was one of the first songs that I learned how to play the entire way through on guitar, and I felt so proud of my down-picking skills.”

Evanescence “Bring Me To Life”
“This song is the pinnacle of early 2000’s edge. My best friend and I always used to have Minecraft LAN parties in high school while blaring this album. We built a giant tree with a house on top and then blew it up with TNT while singing along to the chorus. Classic.”

Creed “Higher”
“I can’t decide if I like this song ironically or seriously. Creed is definitely cringey, but oh man…when he gets to the chorus you can truly feel the power of the cringe in your heart and have to release your inner grunge voice and let the lyrics soar out of you.”

LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”
“This is a classic; truly a work of art. I’ve been opening all of my sets on the Wat The Frick Tour with this song and no one knows how to react. Usually I just get weird looks from the crowd and a few people laugh, but other than that people just have no idea what to think of it. I have the acappella for it and I used to put it over almost every song that I started to write so basically every song I’ve written in the past two years has had this acappella over it at one point or another. I even named one of my latest releases “Party Spock Anthem” to try and keep the LMFAO legacy moving forward.”