[Playlist] Tisoki’s Essential 2016 Selection
[Playlist] Tisoki’s Essential 2016 Selection

The young Scottish producer known as Tisoki has not only made a home for himself in the international bass music scene but it’s more than likely you’ve heard his tracks and remixes causing a ruckus from the festival circuit to the underground alike. With some of the biggest artists in the industry like Getter and Skrillex playing out his tracks to the masses, his fresh and progressive stylistic approach to dubstep is impossible to ignore. Over the past couple of years the young producer has earned himself releases on labels like Buygore, Never Say Die, and OWSLA, and he’s just getting started!

As he closes out a monumental year, Tisoki curates and comments on a hand-picked end of the year party selection for all you bass-hungry fans out there. With a wide palette of influences and interests across the genre, this playlist is sure to keep you amped all the way to 2017!

Subkill “Ready For Conflict”
“Subkill has only been on my radar for the last few months, but he’s on the path to being the next big thing in dubstep. He’s a wizard of catchy riffs which really attracts me to his music.”

Ray Volpe “Overflow”
“Probably one of my favorites from my best friend, and I’m not just saying that—we tell each other when something is shit! I’m super proud of how far this kid has come, and it’s another thing to be able to step out of your comfort zone and track vocals on your own song.”

Oliverse “Hydrate”
“One of the best in the game.”

Tisoki ft. Megan Hamilton “Memories”  (WATGOOD Remix)
“WATGOOD killed this remix for me and took the original to a whole new level.”

Topi “Danger Time
“Topi just keeps killing it! This newest release from him has such good flow and it’s impossible not to move your feet to it.”

Stabby “Pressure Point”
“An absolute don of the sound design and mixdown game.”

Jarvis “Shock”
“Another great sound designer who also contributes great swing and vibes to that awesome brostep sound.”

Bloodhound “Come Up
“These kids came out of nowhere and made this SICK song that goes off at every show I play. They’re also pretty funny on Twitter.”

Ivory “Kung Fool
“Just listen to that intro…”

Excision “Codename X” (Virtual Riot Remix)
“Still one of the biggest songs this year.”

Fox Stevenson “Rocket
“My mix-down idol who made another song prove it yet again.”

boy kid cloud “Gas Up The Can”
“So many vibes from my dude on this one, it’s a total head-bopper.”

Fiend “Expect”
“Something a bit deeper and different, I’ve known Fiend for years and his progression as a producer never fails to impress me.”