[Playlist] Truth: Best of 2016
[Playlist] Truth: Best of 2016

Since first commencing their rise to dubstep fame almost a decade ago alongside some of the genre’s most prominent innovators, New Zealand duo Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez, a.k.a. Truth, have managed to maintain their rightfully impenetrable position as exemplary forefathers of the underground sound. As some of the scene’s notable pioneers, Truth not only helped mold the now unmistakable dubstep sound with their first release in 2007 on the iconic label DEEP MEDi, but have managed impressively enough to consistently develop, preserve and perfect their own thunderous, sophisticated and undeniably dark style, persistently deeming them a highly coveted act for many of today’s global dubstep fans.

Throughout their extensive music career, Truth have developed a near untouchable reputation within the burgeoning underground dubstep circuit for their producing and DJing expertise, both of which have aided equally in cementing them as irreplaceable figures within the community. Standing today as an ever-evolving, world renowned dubstep act and recent founders of their own imprint, Deep, Dark and Dangerous, Truth only continues to strengthen their grasp on forward-facing bass music, making them perfect candidates for our “Best of 2016” playlist series.

DMVU “Bloccd”
“This is a superb example of a masterfully executed track. We’ve been talking to DMVU for probably 18 months about doing a release and have been building up tracks to include. The minute he sent us this track we knew the EP was complete! Even then, we weren’t expecting the massive support this track has had! So deserved, big up DMVU.”

District “Drowsy”
“Such a great track; it’s a fun one to play and it’s definitely been a favorite in our sets during 2016.”

Truth ft. Animai w/Alicia Kiah “Smoke”
“Animai absolutely nailed the vocal on this when we sent her the instrumental. It’s a tune which sounds nice the first time you listen to it, but gets better and better the more times you hear it.”

Kloudmen “Shifter VIP”
“The original version of ‘Shifter’ was super sick, but when Kloudmen sent us this recently, it blew our minds.”

Truth War of the Minds EP
“Deep Medi is like a home base for us. We did our first release with them way back in the day, and since then have released a lot of tracks on the label. When we made this EP we specifically made all the tracks with Medi in mind. It’s a special release.”

Distinct Motive “40Hz”
“‘40Hz’ has really captured a lot of people’s attention and helped thrust Distinct Motive into the well-deserved limelight a bit more. It straddles the boundary between dark and creepy and yet is also full of un-containable energy.”