[Playlist] Uber’s Holiday Road-Tripping Selection
[Playlist] Uber’s Holiday Road-Tripping Selection

SoCal-based Maxwell Hadden—better known by his stage name Uber—has come a long way since his start just two short years ago. With the intention to make his mark on the scene with his own sound, the 20-year-old has quickly caught the attention of the masses and heavy-hitters alike with releases on imprints like The 40oz Cult, Disciple, SMOG, Prime Audio, and Backlight Audio.

 With support raining in from 12th Planet, Trollphace, Oolacile, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, and more, the future is looking bright for the young producer who promises some more bangers are on the way soon.

 Until then, feast your ears on this hand-picked selection of 14 influential cuts sure to make your travels this holiday season dank.

Space Laces “BugBass”
“I’ve always been a huge fan of Space Laces. He is one of the only producers who manages to blow me away with every single track he has put out, and this one is no different. From the crystal clean sound design to the untouchable flow, this has to be my favorite track of 2016.”

Phiso “Malevolent”
“This tune really embodies what I strive for when it comes to my approach to making dubstep. Being able to have such unique growls and a flawless mixdown, all while keeping the interest of the listener from start to finish, is just another reason why I feel Phiso is one of the frontrunners for underground dubstep.”

Numbernin6 “Garbage”
“I remember listening to Garbage way back in 2011 and being astonished at how aggressive the sound design and the overall feel of the song was. This really is what sparked my love for heavy dubstep and ended up inspiring me to make it myself.”

12th Planet & LumberJvck “Name Bran”
“There’s a recipe for making me fall in love with certain tunes and it’s actually pretty simple. 1. Add some good-ass growls, 2. Compliment it with some riddim sounds, and 3. Add a Rastafarian vibe and boom! You have one of my favorite tracks: “Name Bran”! It really has a ton of aspects I love to hear implemented in dubstep!”

Yung Lean “Afghanistan”
“Riddim is cool but damn, got to show love for Yung Lean.” [Editor’s note: This one is not on Soundcloud so check the YouTube vid of this heater here.]